Complete Warehouse Supply Compresses Order Fulfillment Time to Meet Growing Market Demand

Swiftly adapting to meet the increased demand for warehouse shelving and storage solutions, Complete Warehouse Supply has compressed their order fulfillment time to deliver product up to 4 times faster than competitors.

Warehouse Racking Systems

"Since Complete Warehouse Supply's (CWS) inception, we've always designed our supply chains to have the flexibility to respond to market demand," said Dustin McGuire, CEO, Complete Warehouse Supply. "We strive to be nimble so when forecasting showed an uptick in demand for our selective pallet racks and similar products, we immediately moved to further optimize our fulfillment capabilities."

CWS designs and manufactures heavy duty warehouse racking systems like cantilever and selective pallet racks, push back and pallet flow racks and more. They also have a ready-made inventory of the industry's most in-demand products that can be ordered online and delivered in as little as 4-5 days.  

"Our customers depend on our ability to meet their own project schedules," said McGuire. "Being able to successfully compress our fulfillment times -even in this shifting global market - means we can get our products shipped to our customers in record time."

In addition to Complete Warehouse Supply's product lines, the team at CWS provides warehouse solution services that include licensing and permitting, full warehouse design, CAD layout services and installation support. CWS customers also gain direct access to equipment manufacturers for items like forklifts, carts, conveyors and more at factory-direct pricing.

"We've created a one-stop-shop for our customers," said McGuire. "We've worked to ensure that we offer cost effective and scalable solutions for warehouse managers seeking products from the brands they trust with delivery times that outpace our competitors."

Complete Warehouse Supply's ready-made product lines include beams, wire decking, frames and more, that are in stock and ready to ship in 4-5 days. Specialty orders and custom products are also available for expedited ordering, with shipping capabilities to deliver products in-hand to customers in just under 5 weeks.

About Complete Warehouse Supply
Headquartered in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, Complete Warehouse Supply (CWS) is an industry-leading supplier for warehouse shelving and storage solutions. Since its inception, CWS has been the premier choice for custom and ready-made warehouse racking systems like cantilever and selective pallet racks, push back and pallet flow racks, and drive in racks. Their supply chains can quickly fill orders for high-demand products like beams, frames, wire decking and more.

CWS is a privately held company wholly owned by the employees. For more information about CWS, please call (800) 679-3170 or visit

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Dustin McGuire
(800) 679-3170

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