Commerce.AI Launches AI-Generated Market Reports

Commerce.AI Democratizes Market Research With AI


Commerce.AI has released a new AI-generated market reports feature, which delivers market intelligence insights across thousands of market categories. Market reports are accessible to all, and were previously only available to those with access to Commerce.AI's data engine, including multinational corporations. The data engine monitors 600+ million products and services across 12 languages from over 100 sources of data.

Market reports are designed for a wide range of use cases, including identifying the top brands and top products in a specific category, analyzing how many brands exist in a category or across entire industries, understanding the size of the market opportunity for a particular product, and understanding the best-selling products and reasons for their success. With the help of AI, brands can instantly gain summarized actionable abstracts.

Commerce.AI is an AI-powered company that delivers market intelligence to businesses through its data engine. Users can now view market data insights across virtually all market categories, brought to them by an AI data engine used by companies like Unilever, Suzuki, and Coca-Cola. The data engine has delivered over 140 million dollars in revenue. The public market reports make market intelligence more accessible to all, as the data engine was previously entirely private.

Commerce.AI's mission is to empower businesses with more accessible and insightful market intelligence. Market reports provide users with expert insights on how people are consuming products and services.

"Category-leading products have been continually utilizing consumer feedback to their advantage. AI Generated Reports remove human biases and deliver accurate insights for brands to win in their markets," said Chief Executive Officer Andy Pandharikar. Market reports offer valuable insight into how people consume products and services by identifying what brands are popular and what products are succeeding.

The company was founded in 2016 by a Stanford and MIT alumni team whose previous startup was acquired by Flipkart group. It uses machine learning algorithms that analyze billions of data points to generate insights about different markets - everything from fashion trends to restaurant trends - for some of the world's largest companies.

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