"Comfort Ride": Provides Deluxe Comfort and Head Support During Travel

Traveling can be tiring and uncomfortable whether one is flying, driving, or simply riding as a passenger. Tiredness can be decreased considerably when using Comfort Ride. The Comfort Ride is a pair of adjustable, soft and cushioning, side-mounted head-rests designed to offer travelers – whether in a car, plane, train, or bus – a full measure of support and comfort that standard, rear-mounted head-rests do not provide. Whether produced as permanent equipment on the seats of planes, trains, cars, and buses, or produced as a carry-along accessory that mounts easily to any seat, the Comfort Ride offers travelers plush head support for a comfortable ride.

The Comfort Ride head-rests are produced for permanent installation on the seats of cars, planes, trains, and buses. They are also made as an aftermarket accessory. They are easy-to-install and remove between uses or when traveling in another conveyance, even on public transport. Both versions feature a hard, molded-plastic internal frame or skeleton which extends upward and slightly outward, in a shape reminiscent of an open hand. In a permanently mounted version of the Comfort Ride, the mounting tab is bolted to the side-frame of the seat being equipped with it featuring a sliding, pin-and-hole mechanism permitting the Comfort Ride head-rests to be raised or lowered. In a portable version, the mounting tab is equipped with a pair of mounting clips designed to clamp to the side of the seat or chair. Each version is equipped with a locking side-adjustment enabling the user to place the head-rests in the most comfortable angle from the side of the seat. The hand-shaped head-rests are covered by a pair of soft slipcovers or “mittens” for the ultimate in plush comfort and support. These machine-washable mittens are produced in a material known as memory foam. The foam layer is finished with a removable machine-washable fabric. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Comfort Ride.
The Comfort Ride is Patent Pending and was invented by Shughla Karzai of Irvine, CA who said, “Comfort Ride is somewhat like sitting in a wing back chair except, in this case, adjustments can be made to move the hand-shaped cushions precisely where needed for the user’s head and neck. Despite the rigors of long transport, Comfort Ride offers weary travelers a relaxing and restful ride.”

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