Colette, a New Curated CBD Service, Launches With the Modern Woman in Mind

Colette, a New Curated CBD Service, Launches With the Modern Woman in Mind

Women looking for help with selecting CBD products that best fit their personal lifestyle don’t have to search any further. Today, Colette, a curated CBD service for the modern woman, is now available.

The online marketplace pairs women with high-quality, all-natural CBD products. Taking the guesswork out of online shopping, Colette partners with well-known, trusted brands to offer the best in beauty, health and wellness.

“Here at Colette, we want every woman to have the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident with their health routines,” said Marie Evans, founder of Colette. “I've listened to so many of my close girlfriends and fellow moms speak in whispers about their cannabis use, often embarrassed to admit that they use CBD or THC for fear of judgment. We're not here to judge. Nor are we in the business of fixing people. Our job is to provide women with the necessary tools to define their own ways to shine.”

Every product from bath bombs to tinctures in Colette’s collection are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the company’s quality standards, which include: 

·      Made in the USA

·      Organic, GMO-free

·      Third-party tested

·      Ethical and sustainable supply chain

·      Female founded (preferred)

In addition to a full marketplace with more than 60 products available, Colette also offers a unique way for customers to experience CBD with their signature “Colette Kit.” Each kit is curated specifically to meet a person’s individual needs and familiarity with CBD. After filling out a short profile, Colette hand-selects six products to match those needs and ships the kit, along with a complimentary journal and product cards to guide the experience, direct to the customer’s doorstep.

“The current landscape is flooded with CBD products right now and there's so much disinformation floating out there that it can be overwhelming for people,” says Evans. “Our goal is not to push products. It’s to help find solutions for each one of our customer’s unique needs. Colette is part education, part personalization and 100% passion.”

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Colette is a curated CBD service for the modern woman. Acting as a virtual concierge, Colette pairs women with high-quality, all-natural CBD products, enabling them to create a routine that works best for their personal lifestyle. With Colette's signature “Colette Kit,” customers have the opportunity to try a variety of health + wellness products - from bath bombs and face masks to tinctures and lotions - all that have been hand-selected and curated just for them. For more information, visit or follow them on social @getcolette. #defineyourshine

Courtney Osgood, CKO PR

Source: Colette


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