Colbert Cooper Hill Announces the Disability Advocate Scholarship

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​Colbert Cooper Hill, a personal injury law firm serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ardmore, and other cities across Oklahoma, is excited to announce its 2019 Disability Advocate Scholarship. This scholarship opportunity will offer $1,000 to one student in Oklahoma who is pursuing higher education.

This is the prominent law firm’s first year offering the Disability Advocate Scholarship. The winner will submit an essay that best answers the question: “In what ways do you think we can continue to make our society more accessible for people with disabilities?”

The Disability Advocates at Colbert Cooper Hill 

The name of the scholarship, “Disability Advocate,” personally and professionally resonates with the managing partners of Colbert Cooper Hill. 

As Oklahoma disability lawyers, the team at Colbert Cooper Hill helps individuals who are living with disabilities through the long, difficult process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits. When people call the law firm, they usually aren’t able to work and make a living due to their condition. Many people have trouble doing everyday things from running errands to eating and caring for themselves.

There are laws in place to protect people with disabilities, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act; however, life with a disability still presents many challenges. Society can make it incredibly difficult for a disabled person to find a job, excel in school, or even take public transportation.

Colbert Cooper Hill is committed to helping these individuals receive the disability benefits they need. In addition to providing legal services, the attorneys are passionate about finding ways to advocate for disabled individuals. 

“We see how difficult life with a disability can be every day. We’re fierce advocates for people living with disabilities and want to do our part to make our communities more accessible for everyone,” managing partner John Colbert said.

It is for this reason Colbert Cooper Hill decided to start the Disability Advocate Scholarship. Colbert and his entire team hope to inspire young people with disabilities to pursue their goals and to encourage all young people to be advocates for those around them living with disabilities.

How to Apply

With a long history of giving back to its community, Colbert Cooper Hill is proud to offer this scholarship opportunity for Oklahoma students.

The Disability Advocate Scholarship is one way the law firm can help a young student in their educational journey and spread their mission to be disability advocates. 

If you’re interested in applying for the scholarship, visit the law firm’s website to learn who qualifies and how to submit your application. Applications are open until December 31st, 2019.

To learn more about Colbert Cooper Hill and their work as Oklahoma disability lawyers, click here.

Source: Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys