Codefore Publishing Announces A Free Book Giveaway

Codefore Publishing, a California independent publisher is giving away a PDF version of the book "Protectus Prol" free of charge.

Codefore Publishing,  an independent California book publishing company that specializes in True Crime Books. Codefore Publishing was established in 1999 and is actively seeking crime authors.  Books can be viewed at

Codefore Publishing  is providing a PDF Download for people interested in reading their book, "Protectus Prol". Protectus Prol was written by police detective Jim Benish. Protectus Prol is an accumulation of information about child molesters that Benish experienced while investigating crimes against children. Benish said he agrees with releasing a free electronic copy of his book because it is in the interest of child safety and provides parents with vital information about how to protect their children.  Benish spent many years as a Colorado Police Detective investigating crimes against children. He is the author of several books including Closed Eyes, and Hairbreadth.  Benish is retired and lives in Mazatlan Mexico. Protectus Prol can also be purchase at Amazon or any book store.

Benish said he is excited to get the book out to those who need it the most. He said that very soon a Spanish version will also be released.

Jim Benish, Author

A visit to the company blog,  is required to download the pdf and obtain the document password.  There is nothing else required such as user login information.  The document cannot be copied, printed or altered. Adobe Acrobat 9 or later is required to open the document. The book cannot be copied, altered or printed.


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