A Retired Detective Offers to Solve Crimes Against Children Cases

Codefore Publishing is known for publishing True Crime Books and is dedicated to the protection of children. The proprietor of Codefore Publishing is a retired Police Detective and is now offering an unlikely service provided by Publishing Companies. The service is called "Child Finders"

Jim Benish, proprietor of Codefore says that he’s reviewed missing and murdered child investigations and find that many are put on the shelf before all efforts to solve the case are exhausted.  In addition he says that when the case finally makes it to the cold case shelf the family is disillusioned, frustrated, and left without closure.  They are at the mercy of decisions made by the police with no-one else to turn to for help.

Codefore Publishing is in a position to do things that are not available to modern day police agencies whose only hope when their case is shelved is some future, possibly non existent,  witness or a DNA match. Benish who knows how the police system works, does not blame investigators for not solving cases because they are not making the decisions to shelve a case. Continued work on cases is usually budget driven.  He says that many times witnesses are reluctant to come forth to authorities but will in fact talk to Codefore investigators.  Additionally Codefore is always prepared to flood internet communities with information, and news articles  about the case that many times generates interest, information and new witnesses.  In some cases the  emergence of information or publicity about the case will prompt or nudge the police to re-open the case.  

"Boots will hit the ground"

Jim Benish, Author-Publisher

Benish says that in all cases taken on by Codefore, “Boots will be on the ground”.   More information about how to apply for case review and possible investigation by Codefore at their website.