Coconut Silo, an AI Deep Tech Startup Company, Showcased Their Logistics Service 'CocoTruck,' in 10 Countries Through Exhibitions This Year

AI Deep Tech startup company Coconut Silo has participated in the 2022 NIPA Metaverse Content Global Support Project and has showcased their AI Digital Logistics platform 'CocoTruck.'

Coconut Silo, a company founded with Hyundai Automobile, has been operating 'CocoTruck' overseas. CocoTruck is structured with an app for the shipper and car owner and SaaS for the driver. It features automatic suggestions of freight price rates, route optimization, and a smart mixed loading system to enhance the quality of logistics.

The '2022 NIPA Metaverse Contents Global Support Project' is a project under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and ICT and carried out by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency to secure competitiveness and preoccupy new markets for promising metaverse and XR content-related companies in Korea. The program provides customized support by dividing the target into three stages: early entry companies wishing to enter overseas businesses, companies in mid-term of leap forward, and companies that are capable of becoming a market leader overseas.

Among the companies, Coconut Silo was selected as a "mid-term leap company," and received support such as capacity building consulting, IR consulting, global promotion, and in-depth biz matching. Based on the support, Coconut Silo participated in "Web Summit 2022," "CES 2022," and "MWC 2022," and announced the AI digital logistics platform "CocoTruck" to more than 10 countries around the world this year alone.

Coconut Silo thought that through this program, they were able to participate in a number of high-level authoritative fairs this year alone to promote their services. In addition they plan to accelerate their overseas expansion with this support.


Source: Coconut Silo


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