Coby Certified PAVE Support Dogs Accepted Into the United States Capitol Police Department & the Ontario Police Department

Acceptance of C.C.P.S.D. (Coby Certified PAVE Support Dogs) program by The Ontario Police Department (Ontario, California) has officially accepted "Lady". And the United States Capitol Police Department (Washington D.C.) has officially accepted "Lila". This July 2021, Lila will be personally delivered to the U.S. Capitol Police Department in Washington D.C. by Dr. Coby Webb and Angela Rose, Founder of Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE).

Meet Lady!

Dr. Coby Webb is a respected Captain (now retired) and an internationally recognized expert in the education and use of support dogs, focusing on lowering survivor and first responder stressors. As Captain, Dr. Webb became aware of a powerful need for the wellness and health of first responders. She needed a tool to help first responders 24/7, especially when dealing with traumatic incidents. Law enforcement officers and firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty.

With Dr. Webb's history and background with K9s and her passion focusing on lowering officer's stressors, she began implementing a program to train a support dog for the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The program grew, and now the Riverside County Sheriff's Department has two full-time support dogs. Dr. Webb's Certified Support Dogs are now living 24/7 at: Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Santa Ana Police Department, Chino Police Department, Banning Police Department, Ontario Police Department (Sister City/Department to The U.S. Capitol Police Department).

Dr. Webb's support dogs are a major asset and comfort to sexual assault survivors and children. "Not only will Coby Certified PAVE Support Dog's help law enforcement officers, they will also help survivors who report sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking. As a survivor myself and an advocate for over two decades, I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be to report these crimes. Having a support dog can greatly reduce anxiety during the reporting process," said Angela Rose, PAVE Founder. Support dogs would be available to anyone who visits the stations and is in need of the powerful calming effect these beautiful therapeutic dogs provide.

GET BIT Investigations (investigative services & PAVE partner) and PAVE's goal is to place Coby Certified PAVE Support Dogs (C.C.P.S.D.) not just at The Ontario Police Department and The United States Capitol Police Department but every First Responder Agency in-between.

They are doing this at zero cost to First Responder Departments that may be in need and see the positive potential of a full-time support dog living at their station. Contact Luis Bolaños below if you're interested in sponsoring one of Dr. Webb's dogs for the first responders and survivors in your community.

Media Contact: Director of Operations at GET BIT, Luis A. Bolaños(760-799-1937),

Source: Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE)


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