Cobalt Executives Travel to Conference for Training, Fun

  High achievers from Cobalt Executives recently returned from a weekend leadership conference. The firm’s President shared the benefits of physically traveling to such events – even in the digital age.

“The emphasis we put on training and development is the secret to our success,” stated Hannah M., Cobalt Executives’ President. “We rely on an inclusive training system that transfers skills and information quickly and efficiently, using one-on-one coaching along with group training events. Of these collaborative opportunities, one of my favorites by far is this annual leadership conference.”

This invitation-only weekend was a chance for Cobalt Executives’ top producers to learn about the latest in consumer trends and marketing techniques while also networking with other industry leaders from across North America. Also, the convention included a swanky awards ceremony along with time to relax with colleagues and friends.

"Attending conferences is great because it's a bit like camp. We get to learn from each other and bond over our shared experiences in the business. Weekends like this make us better professionals and a more collaborative team."

Hannah M.


“Every time we attend a conference we come back so excited to apply the knowledge gained,” Hannah shared. “We strive to never stop learning here at Cobalt Executives because there is always something to be gained from a fresh perspective or exposure to a different management style.”

The Many Benefits of Conferences, According to Cobalt Executives’ President

“Many business leaders I’ve spoken with find it harder and harder to justify the need for expensive weekend trips like the one from which we just returned,” Hannah declared. “Honestly, I see their points. The amazing amount of information available online, along with ever-tightening budgets means that travel has to be worth it. The other Cobalt Executives leaders and I agree that the benefits to these sorts of weekends are real, though.”

As Hannah already mentioned, some of the most important reasons for investing in conferences are the increases in productivity and enthusiasm that always occur after associates return from the events. It’s easy to forget just how much fun marketing can be, but getting out of the office for the weekend and meeting up with like-minded professionals excited about their futures really puts the steam back in a person’s stride.

Likewise, meeting up with peers who might otherwise have only been an online presence has an empowering effect. Hannah loves how meeting online connections for the first time reminds her that she’s part of something bigger than herself and that knowledge always motivates her to up her game.

“I think there’s also a lot to be said for just how much fun these weekends can be,” Hannah shared happily. “Attending conferences is great because it’s a bit like camp. We get to learn from each other and bond over our shared experiences in the business. Weekends like this make us better professionals and a more collaborative team.”

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