Cobalt Executives Reap Rewards of Exotic Retreat

The President of Cobalt Executives discussed a recent retreat to the Dominican Republic and the benefits it offered. She also highlighted a few underrated advantages of business travel.

Travel perks are some of the best incentives enjoyed by members of Team Cobalt Executives. A recent rest and relaxation retreat to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic exemplified the value of team getaways. “We love to give our people opportunities to visit new places and see the benefits the business has to offer for them,” stated Hannah McCracken, the firm’s president. “For this trip, I decided to take Shannon along so she could network with other professionals.”

The trip was especially important for Shannon because she’s a relatively new addition to the organization. She explained, “The retreat gave me so many chances to interact with leaders I’ve heard about and make valuable connections with them. I learned that these successful people maintain student mentalities to continue their development. I’m inspired to take on the same type of mindset. Just qualifying for the trip showed me that the president really believes in my capabilities, which inspires me to keep aiming higher.”

Shannon also learned that positivity is a significant element in sustaining success in the industry. She remarked, “Everyone I talked to was excited to be there and ready to learn and teach others what they know. It was a great reminder that those who thrive are the ones who produce positive energy. I was also struck by how the top leaders I met constantly challenge themselves to go beyond their current skills.”

We love to give our people opportunities to visit new places and see the benefits the business has to offer for them. For this trip, I decided to take Shannon along so she could network with other professionals.

Hannah McCracken


When asked which speech at the event inspired her the most, Shannon responded, “I really loved hearing Trent Longo’s speech when he won Rookie Manager of the Year. Seeing him get emotional onstage reflected how much time and energy he has put into the business. Hearing about what he has done in such a short time has given me great insight into what I can accomplish.”

Cobalt Executives’ President Discusses Unheralded Benefits of Business Travel

The chance to get away from normal work routines is one of the often-overlooked benefits of business trips. McCracken remarked, “It’s always nice to refresh your perspective, which travel allows you to do in various ways. When it comes to a relaxation retreat, professionals get to discuss best practices with peers as they unwind. Our people come back to Cobalt Executives HQ with recharged batteries and renewed motivation after every getaway.”

Shannon echoed the president’s thoughts. She explained, “I definitely enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere in Punta Cana. Although we discussed business a lot of the time, it was in such a casual conversation and manner that it was easy to build strong relationships. Everyone was very curious to learn about my journey so far, which made me even more excited for the future.”

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