Cobalt Executives Equips Interns for Success, Adds to Team

​Cobalt Executives’ President detailed the firm’s internship program and overall approach to training. She also shared details on a current hiring initiative.

The Cobalt Executives internship program is an outgrowth of the firm’s commitment to professional development. Hannah M., the company’s President, explained, “Our internships are great because you get a lot of real-world experience as well as the opportunity to travel. Those who participate in our program get to meet leaders at big industry events across the country. These helpful contacts, combined with hands-on education, put our interns in position to thrive.”

McCracken knows how important it is for college students and new grads to have some type of work experience as they begin their careers. She commented, “Internships are quickly becoming keys to future success. I’m hearing of more and more cases of internship experience being required to apply for professional roles. We offer the training needed to attain essential skills.”

"Our internships are great because you get a lot of real-world experience as well as the opportunity to travel."



The Cobalt Executives training system is known as the Young Entrepreneur Program. McCracken remarked, “The idea behind this developmental approach is to rotate participants through every aspect of our operations. New hires and interns get the chance to apply their talents across a wide range of projects. This means they are prepared for whatever the marketplace throws at them in the future.”

Those who take part in the Cobalt Executives internship program also learn about workplace etiquette. This can be difficult to learn in a classroom setting, but the company’s seasoned team members make it easy for interns to understand. The President noted, “Our associates are happy to help young professionals and students learn the ropes of work life. From communicating with customers to keeping a professional appearance, our interns receive holistic educations.”

Cobalt Executives’ President Details Hiring Push

The President is ready for the new internship season, but she is also looking to future expansion. “Our company is growing and we are looking for sharp individuals with fresh ideas to join us,” she stated. “As we evaluate candidates, we will look for strong team players who are ready to grow along with our organization.” 

McCracken believes the Cobalt Executives approach to advancement makes the company an attractive destination for jobseekers. Promotions within the firm are based on merit rather than seniority or politics. The President concluded, “We put career growth in our team members’ hands, and we equip them with the tools they need to realize their aspirations.”

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