Cobalt Executives Focused on Hiring, Setting SMART Goals

Company leaders at Cobalt Executives have announced that they are seeking talented professionals to join their team. Also, the firm's Director stated that she is working with her group to establish effective goal-setting techniques.

“Society is moving faster today than ever before, and the advertising industry in particular has felt the impact,” stated Hannah M., Cobalt Executives’ Director of Operations. “Globalization and communications technology in particular have made it challenging to keep our fingers on the pulse of consumer demand. However, we’re up to the challenge!”

One of the ways that Hannah and the Cobalt Executives crew have kept one step ahead of trends is by creating new divisions within the company that address emerging needs. This commitment to personalized marketing requires fresh perspectives, and the Director has found that bringing new talent on board is one of the best ways to provide these.

“I especially enjoy working with recent graduates or even college students seeking an internship,” Hannah explained. “They have an open mind, they are familiar with all the latest tech tools, and they are motivated to make their mark. As we continue to move forward with our aggressive expansion plans, these are the kinds of professionals we will be actively seeking. I encourage ambitious, career-minded professionals to visit our website and find out more.”

"Using this method, anyone can take a dream or fantasy and turn it into something both tangible and attainable."


Director of Operations

How Cobalt Executives’ Director Teaches Her Team to Set SMART Goals

When it comes to setting both personal and professional objectives, all methods have not been created equal. In fact, as Hannah pointed out, much of what people refer to as goal setting is really just wishing out loud, or just writing their wishes down. Instead, the Director has worked to help her teammates set concrete, quantifiable objectives that are meaningful and motivating.

“When I teach people how to set goals, I use the SMART acronym. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. It’s not my personal creation, but I owe whoever made it up my gratitude,” Hannah shared. “Using this method, anyone can take a dream or fantasy and turn it into something both tangible and attainable.”

As an example, Hannah pointed out that many people want to make more money. In her opinion, this statement is merely a desire. Using the SMART technique however, more money is easily transformed into I want to add an extra $20,000 to my income in the next 18 months. With just a little more effort, this goal can be broken down into three-, six-, nine-, 12-, and 15-month goals as well, which help keep the goal setter on track. “It’s a revolutionary way to turn dreams into reality, and it’s definitely the method we use to keep Cobalt Executives moving forward at such a rapid pace,” the Director concluded.

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