Coastline Sales Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

​Coastline Sales, a company started by Jerome Borkan, is celebrating its 5th year in business. Over the past few years, they have experienced tremendous growth, attributed mainly to the fact that they have expanded to include organic products. The company focuses on selling raw materials like apples to juice companies.

About Coastline Sales

Coastline Sales had focused on delivering raw materials to other producers. They also stock and sell surplus materials. Jerome Ira Borkan, at the head of the company, has a true entrepreneurial spirit and has been a salesperson for over 25 years, bringing considerable experience to the table. In fact, it his drive and leadership skills that have enabled him to get this far ahead with the company.

Why Organic Materials?

The company has experienced incredibly rapid growth over the past five years, and this can be attributed to the leadership of Jerome Ira Borkan, and also to the vision he had of starting to target organic manufacturers and producers. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in buying organic, which means there is a huge market for this now.

"Non-organic food often contains harmful hormones and pesticides. Pesticides are poisonous - by nature they're designed to kill. Pesticides can cause neurological problems, cancer, infertility, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies and asthma, wheezing, rashes and other skin problems, ADHD, birth defects and more. Logic 101 says don't eat poison, right? Why not go organic and avoid pesticides?"

Coastline Sales has essentially found a gap in the market, because organic supplies are still considered harder to get and a lot more expensive. Committed themselves to improving the health of the nation, and the state of the planet as a whole, Borkan saw an opportunity and took it. It was a risk, of course, since the organic market continues to be a niche market, but this is further proof of his entrepreneurial spirit.

"Risk-taking is a part of entrepreneurial life. Business owners must know when to seek loans, when to expand, when to risk a steady salary in favor of self-employment and how to judge the potential benefits of taking a risk. Entrepreneurs have to have a risk-taking spirit, because not taking risks can kill a business before it gets off the ground."

Naturally, Coastline Sales does not focus solely on the organic market. Rather, Jerome Borkan started as a company that delivered raw materials and surplus, and this continues to be the lion's share of their operations. Their focus on quality and customer service is equally responsible for the growth they have been experiencing over the past five years. In fact, one of Borkan's main rules when he set up the company was that quality assurance came above all else across all their operations.

"We have strict quality assurance guidelines which must be met. Selective procurement in the packing houses and in the field prior to shipment insures the highest quality product for our customers."

At present, the company sells tomato items, fruits, vegetables, flavorings and bakery supplies, fruit juice concentrates, tropicals, and nut commodities as part of their product line. They also focus on surplus, however, which includes finished goods, raw materials, out of code products, and near code products. This is another element to the business that Borkan has implemented over the past five years and which has ensured that the company has been able to grow from one success to the next.

The company prides itself on its professionalism and customer service. Jerome Borkan aims to build lasting relationships with all of their customers, and many have indeed been with them since the company first started. Their distribution network is growing by the day and now includes grocery stores, dollar stores, food banks, drug and discount stores, prisons, nursing homes, and other types of institutions.

Source: Jerome Borkan