Cloudways Introduces Varnish Compatibility for HTTPS Websites

Content delivery gets faster as renewed Varnish cache rules speed up request delivery without any compromise on data security

 Cloudways, the fast-growing cloud hosting platform, is delighted to announce performance improvements for SSL-protected (HTTPS) websites. With the updated rules of Varnish cache on ThunderStack, web apps on Cloudways Cloud Platform are capable of serving content at a faster rate than before without compromising the security of sensitive data. This slashes loading time of websites as resource allocation has been optimized at the server-end.

This new addition comes after the successful integration of Let's Encrypt SSL certificate authority on Cloudways. Website owners can now deploy free SSL certificates on supported apps with just a click and without any effect on the performance.

"Every day, we try to work on ways of providing solutions to common issues of the cloud hosting industry," expressed Aaqib Gadit, Cofounder of Cloudways. "The improvement in the performance of SSL-protected websites was an important challenge for our team. We are happy that we are finally pushing it live for our users."

The best part is that users do not need to do anything as the feature is readily available on new servers. This works nicely with the global data center locations available on Cloudways. Developers and designers can create web projects on one of the 25 server destinations according to their target market. This further reduces latency for visitors.

This makes Cloudways a great choice for web media agencies who deal  with clients from all over the world. Moreover, they can work more efficiently by inviting Team members and dividing Projects whenever needed.

Cloudways has its team of cloud experts. These teams stay busy day and night in protecting and optimizing the servers. Furthermore, all servers are automatically backed up to offsite locations to ensure minimal data loss. The backup frequency can be set from the console present inside the Platform.

With many useful features, one might perceive Cloudways as a high-priced cloud solution. However, in reality, the pricing plans for testing servers begin at $5 per month and production servers at $14 per month. All plans are charged at the end of the month.

Considering the competition in the managed cloud industry, Cloudways is a feature-rich, yet affordable cloud platform for every business use case.

About Cloudways:

Cloudways Cloud Platform aims to remove the hassles developers and designers face while deploying PHP apps on cloud. The platform provides four reliable cloud infrastructure providers, namely Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, and Vultr. Users can launch cloud servers within 15 minutes to create their web projects. These servers are managed by cloud experts who provide technical support at all times through 24x7 Live Chat and Ticketing Portal.

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Source: Cloudways