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CloudVisit, an MRO Software company providing Aviation Maintenance Software, believes a recent grounding of commercial airliners to replace overhead bins in each aircraft could have been easily avoided. Some overhead bins would not close, leading to aircraft safety concerns. Approximately 40 flights have been canceled as aircraft maintenance teams replace these overhead bins, causing frustration not only to aviation maintenance technicians who will now have an overflowing backlog of work, but also to customers.

CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance Software enables live visual communication and collaboration between two or more people in separate locations. Using the software, inspectors do not have to travel from site to site and can approve inspections from virtual locations. Using aviation-specific functionality, visual and audio data is documented and saved to the cloud, providing accuracy and accountability. The software provides evidence of the quality of aircraft maintenance, and maximizes quality control with virtual inspection. “When airlines aren’t up to date with the latest technology, their oversights cost them,” explains Daniel Gilbert, Founder and CEO of CloudVisit.

Why Airlines Should Upgrade Aircraft Maintenance

According to IAG Cargo Magazine, when an aircraft is grounded for maintenance and repairs, it can cost an airline $150,000 per hour. When an airline company has to ground multiple planes for maintenance, it can result in the loss of millions of dollars. This unplanned aircraft maintenance also affects customers. As these flights have had to be rescheduled, the airline created a major inconvenience for the people who chose to fly with them. The financial loss and the inconvenience to passengers could have been avoided.

CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance Software Maximizes Safety, Efficiency, and Accuracy in Aircraft Maintenance

CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance Software offers many functionalities for quality assurance in aircraft maintenance. Using the multi-purpose checklist, the inspector first creates a punch list, or work cards, for each task that must be accomplished so that technicians can focus on their work. The inspector can use his or her computer to easily schedule a high-definition videoconference session with a technician. He or she can then witness the progress on the maintenance work that must be completed, and to approve the maintenance work when it is completed. The mechanic uses a smartphone or tablet to take images of the maintenance work, and send these images to the inspector. The inspector can annotate these images with descriptive markings (circles, lines, arrows and more) to show the technician any tasks that need to be performed. All data—video and audio recordings, annotated images, and chats) are saved to the cloud and easily found through customized labels.

CloudVisit’s Aviation Maintenance Software offers these aviation-specific features to customize each aircraft inspection for individual aircraft or aircraft fleets. Aviation Maintenance Software optimizes quality control through collaboration so that work is performed accurately and efficiently, and in compliance with FAA regulations.

CloudVisit MRO software enables remote inspections across multiple industries. Using CloudVisit’s software, experts can inspect projects virtually. Remote inspections result in reduced travel and more efficient use of time for on-site workers. CloudVisit offers leading Aviation Software, Wind Turbine Inspection Software, Solar Panel Software, Transportation Software and Telemedicine Software, and is expanding. The company is backed by 15 years of success in software programming, video conferencing, telemedicine and telecommunications. CloudVisit has a proven record of excellence, efficiency, security and quality customer service. For questions about MRO software and remote inspections or to request a no-obligation demo, call 845-809-5770.

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