"Clip 'N' Cool": Cooling Mist and Fan Refreshes User at Beach or Wherever Needed

Sunshine and soft breezes are perfect for sun worshipers and other outdoor lovers. But even so, comfort is the name of the game and particularly true during hot summer months. There is a way to keep comfortable and cool when using this unique new device. The Clip 'N' Cool is a cooling mist-sprayer and fan designed to clamp onto a lounge chair and provide the relaxing sun-worshiper with timed, refreshing intervals of mist and cooling air. When the timer goes off on the Clip 'N' Cool, the arm moves up and down to mist and cool the user from the feet to the chest. Featuring a removable solar panel and flexible reach, the compact, convenient and self-contained Clip 'N' Cool offers cooling refreshment not only to sunbathers but also to the wheelchair-bound, hikers, boaters, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts.
The Clip 'N' Cool consists of a collapsible, refillable base reservoir for water, insulated and equipped with a threaded, removable cap. Mounted atop the reservoir cap is a compact unit including a digital display, programmable time for the fan and mister. A battery compartment, a small electric pump,  a removable solar panel (which can charge the battery or batteries); and a spiral-type tension grip clamp (used for clamping the Clip 'N' Cool to a lounge-chair, wheelchair, or other objects). A straight arm which moves up and down holds a flexible, articulating “arm. This arm/tube conceals the flexible water line which runs from within the reservoir to the mister head and the electrical wires and an electric motor that powers the fan. The small 3 bladed fan oscillates from side to side and the mister spray-spout is positioned into the fan’s nose cone. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Clip ‘N’ Cool. 
The Clip ‘N’ Cool is Patent Pending and was invented by Tyler Perrelle of Mahopac, NY who said, “This is so simple to use and is hands-free. It virtually eliminates the discomfort caused by over-baking on extremely hot days. Clip ‘N’ Cool is perfect for the sunbather stretched out by the pool but works just as well for a fisherman, at a sports event or even on the deck of a cruise ship. Wherever needed or used, it works perfectly.”
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