ClinOne Unveils Much-Anticipated Mobile Redesign

ClinOne announced the release of its much-anticipated mobile redesign for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The new design improves work flow for clinical trial sponsors and research sites.

“We worked extensively with our UX/UI designers to provide a new approach for the mobile workflow for ClinOne’s research site-facing application which further centralizes critical study information” according to Eric Schraufnagel, ClinOne’s CTO.

The new design also provides users the opportunity to create profiles and include personalizes images. Clinical trials are typically very large in scale, and we are often distanced from our research sites and site users that play a critical role in our successful trials. Through ClinOne, we are improving the relationship between sponsor and site, including the human touch of profiles and personalized images.

Substantial improvements to the navigation were made to reduce the number of screens needed to get to the user’s destination, particularly within the Schedule of Events. This will greatly enhance the research user’s ability to manage critical patient information for a clinical study at the point-of-care.

“Our largest improvement is centralizing on all study communication into a single community environment – where our users can access study community posts on a single page – where previously we required accessing the community page within each study,” according to Rob Bohacs, ClinOne CEO.

About ClinOne
The ClinOne solution and its suite of products were created to improve access to mission-critical clinical trial details through the web and mobile devices. The company's sole mission is to allow important trial details to be at the fingertips of participating researchers. Currently, more than 2,800 active clinical trials in 54 countries rely on ClinOne's technology. Visit for more information.

Source: ClinOne, Inc.

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