ClinOne Increases Mobile Security Through Biometric Authentication

More than a billion plaintext passwords from third-party breaches are freely available over the internet. Let that sink in, especially if you are one of the 59% of users who still use the same password everywhere.

These numbers are particularly sobering when considered in the context of the highly regulated clinical research arena. As clinical research becomes more mobile, sponsors and CROs are being pressured to provide tighter security measures to protect against unauthorized access to clinical data.

Biometric authentication allows technology platforms to replace passwords with physical validation of who the person is by using identifiers such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. Currently, 62% of all companies use biometric authentication and an additional 24% plan to incorporate the technology in the next two years.

ClinOne now brings biometric authentication through fingerprint and facial recognition to its iOS and Android mobile applications. This provides a significant improvement in security over using a password, stopping instances where a password is borrowed, sold, or stolen.

Biometric authentication paired with ClinOne’s two-factor authentication (2FA) drastically decreases the risk of a data breach. It also favorably adheres to data protection laws, such as HIPAA and the EU’s GDPR.

“Passwords are no longer considered enough in protecting sensitive data within clinical research. ClinOne’s biometric and multi-factor authentication capabilities significantly increase security and privacy controls around accessing clinical data in the virtual environment,” says Eric Schraufnagel, CTO and co-founder of ClinOne.

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Source: ClinOne, Inc.