ClinOne Offers Study Sponsors and CROs Immediate and Continuous Patient Study Feedback, Measurement During Clinical Trial Participation

 It’s estimated that across all clinical trials, the patient drop-out rate hovers around 30%. ClinOne, a provider of mobile and web applications designed to enhance patient, caregiver and site engagement, is introducing Patient Voice, a free solution designed to help ensure patients remain engaged throughout their clinical trial journey.

Patient Voice allows patients to provide routine feedback about their clinical trial experience. The solution can be configured to send out patient surveys on a regular basis (i.e. every 30, 60, 90 days or cycle/visit milestones). ClinOne will then provide reports with predictive indicators of patient compliance and risk of non-medical related study withdrawal.

Sponsors & CROs manage anywhere from dozens to hundreds of sites across the globe. Patient Voice provides the ability to benchmark patient satisfaction across research sites in order to identify sites that are underperforming. These early indicators will allow sponsors & CROs to intervene quickly and provide greater support for sites where patients have reported dissatisfaction. Patient Voice can help in improving site performance while enhancing the patient experience.

“Listening to patients who contribute their valuable time and energy to advance life-saving drugs through the clinical development process is vitally important,” says Rob Bohacs, CEO & co-founder of ClinOne. “Patient Voice provides patients a forum that allows them to share their successes and concerns and is part of ClinOne’s overall effort to improve the patient journey.”

ClinOne will offer its Patient Voice solution at no additional cost to study sponsors, CROs and research institutions.

About ClinOne

ClinOne’s suite of technologies were created to improve clinical trial enrollment, patient retention and research site compliance. Its mission is to allow important clinical trial details to be at the fingertips of participating researchers and patients. Currently, 2,800 active clinical trials in 54 countries rely on ClinOne. Visit for more information.

Source: ClinOne, Inc.

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