#ClimateChangeisPersonal: Our Climate Voices Launches a Campaign in Climate Justice Storytelling

Climate Justice is ________

Climate justice is a deeply personal issue. Everyone has stories about the ways climate change and climate grief currently impact their lives. That’s why Our Climate Voices (OCV) is launching its #ClimateChangeIsPersonal campaign on Sept. 30. This campaign is an invitation to share personal and intersectional climate stories with the #ClimateChangeIsPersonal and #ClimateJusticeIs___ hashtags, initiating collective conversation about what climate justice means in people's lives. It is a call to share the truth about how climate change is affecting communities and to highlight that climate change isn’t just rising sea levels and animal extinctions. It’s also Black neighborhoods suffering from a history of environmental racism; it’s increasingly intense heat waves that threaten the lives of people with asthma; it’s our children being forced to inherit the environmental crisis that their generation didn’t create. Join OCV in its movement to raise awareness around the personal impacts of climate change. No one is alone in this fight and, through collective action, everyone can make a difference. 

#ClimateChangeIsPersonal is grounded in the truth that to have a climate-just world, it requires liberation from all oppressions. This campaign will support and bring light to the intersectional nature of the many systemic injustices that communities face. OCV wants its partners, followers, and collaborators to share the ways climate change is personal, as individuals with intersecting identities, histories, and truths. #ClimateJusticeIs…









The connections between climate justice and the many movements for liberation, sovereignty, resistance, and collective care are deeply rooted. The success of the climate movement is indebted to these movements and intimately tied to their success. 

OCV urgently invites people to use the hashtags #ClimateChangeIsPersonal and #ClimateJusticeIs___to share their climate story with their loved ones, local community newspapers, social media networks, leaders and policy-makers. OCV will be looking for and sharing all of these stories on OCV social media platforms. OCV needs you. The world needs to feel/understand/acknowledge the intensely personal impacts of climate change. Join OCV in this transformative and critical climate justice action by sharing a story about how #ClimateChangeIsPersonal. 

About Our Climate Voices:  The mission of Our Climate Voices is to humanize the climate disaster through storytelling, contribute to a shift in the climate change dialogue that puts the voices of those most impacted at the forefront of the conversation, and connect people with ways to support the community-based climate solution-making work that frontline and vulnerable communities are already doing to combat climate impacts.

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