Cleveland Students get Hypnotized in April

William Molitor an award winning Certified Hypnosis Instructor will be teaching students in Cleveland Ohio all of the ins and outs of hypnosis. The training being offered begins April 30th, 2010 and is a NGH hypnosis certification course.

Hypnosis is the process of using the naturally occurring states of hypnosis to achieve a beneficial outcome. It may be used with techniques involving the use of age regression, visualization, direct suggestion, post hypnotic suggestions, etc. It helps in stress relief, pain management, dealing with fears or phobias, and much more. One goal of the hypnotist is to help their clients access the subconscious part of their mind to help them overcome various mental and physical conditions. Another goal of the hypnotist is to teach every day people how to deal with everyday issues by using the power of their own natural abilities. This can be done with hypnosis by helping them achieve access to their subconscious mind, then making suggestions designed to help them alter negative patterns of thoughts that may be keeping them locked in negative patterns of behavior.

There are various career opportunities available for hypnotists to specialize in: Areas such as sport hypnosis, pain management, forensic hypnosis, pediatric hypnosis, hypnosis for childbirth, hypno-anesthesia, and many more. Training programs are designed so that those who wish to learn alternative medicines can practice it easily. There are career opportunities in private as well as professional practices for those who want to undertake it as a part or full time career. Learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy is also a great option for those who want to learn hypnosis for self-improvement and personal growth.

Sport hypnosis is one area where hypnotherapy has been documented as far back as the 1956 Olympics. Hypnotists teach hypnotic techniques to athletes in literally all sports. They teach athletes how to enhance important individual dynamics such as focus, consistency, concentration, and how to control anxiety as well as to enhance team dynamics.

Another fascinating area is pediatric hypnotherapy that involves helping children to overcome behavior issues, deal with chronic disease or pain. Behavior issues are habits such as thumb sucking, bedwetting, sleep terrors, food aversions, anxiety and stress, etc. Hypnotists teach children self-hypnosis as a way to learn to exercise control of their body.

Forensic hypnosis is another intriguing career option. It is investigating with hypnosis as the main tool. It is a highly specialized application and requires specific trainings and skills. It is very important to protect the integrity of its use and evaluate whether it should be used in a particular criminal or civil case.

Professional training in Hypnosis or Advanced Hypnotherapy is also well suited to those who want to acquire additional skill sets. To the professional counselors, psychologists, medical and dental doctors along with professional nurses and aids, these skills are very valuable. Hypnotherapy is sought after by those in the complementary and alternative medicine practices like Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Acupuncture, just to name a few, as well as those who work in other fields like teachers, managers, coaches, and child care providers. Demand for hypnotists is at its all time high. Those who are in this profession now are finding an increase in the volume of referrals from the medical communities as well as health insurers.

There are many exciting hypnotherapy careers available. Many of you who have found yourself dissatisfied with your current job or are being displaced by the current economic situation may find this to be a high-quality opportunity. Most of those who chose this specialized career did so because of its high pay, flexibility and is personal rewards. Most that take up hypnotherapy as a career, plan to set up their own hypnotherapy practice. It can be very rewarding both personally and financially. What ever your reasons for becoming a certified hypnotist are, either personally or financially, it is imperative to select training that is approved by reputable hypnosis organizations such as the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) and conducted by a certified hypnosis instructor.

To become certified in Hypnosis today call William at(513)943-1444 or emailing