Cincinnati's Center for "Mind Control"

Mind control is what Tri-State Hypnosis Center in Cincinnati Ohio is all about. Learning how you can control your thoughts through the use of hypnosis enables rapid and permanent changes in your life.

William Molitor, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor, uses hypnosis to teach each and every one of his clients mind control. William say's
"When you learn to control your thoughts through hypnosis, you become self empowered". He goes on to say that "Fears, phobias and anxiety can disappear and be replaced with confidence, high self-esteem and self motivation and that old habits such as smoking or poor eating can be modified or released quickly and safely".

This type of mind control is not a demanding or commanding style of control but rather a practice of free will. By becoming self empowered and choosing the thoughts that promote health and happiness you begin to make the choices and changes in your life that reflect those thoughts. You begin to discover the true strength and meaning of "will power".

At Cincinnati's only State Registered School for Hypnosis and Advanced Hypnotherapy William also teaches other professionals all around the country such as Psychotherapists, Licensed Social Workers, and Professors (PHD) how to utilize hypnosis in their private practice. He also teaches a certification course for many individuals who wish to become Certified Hypnotists through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

The hypnotic mind control that you can learn through the use of hypnosis is a drug free non intrusive method that inspires you to be in command of your life, beginning with your own thoughts. The use of hypnosis has been documented for many years without a single case where hypnosis has been found to be harmful. Hypnosis, however, has been found to be very effective for weight control, pain management, smoking cessations, releasing fears, relieving anxiety, just to name a few.

Tri-State Hypnosis Center promotes and teaches mind control through hypnosis. Clients and students alike benefit from William's expertise in hypnosis and the use of the safe and natural trance states of hypnosis to encourage and support positive changes.