CLE Solutions, Inc. Expands, Announces Internships

CLE Solutions, Inc.'s leaders have recently expanded operations into the Phoenix area. As part of the resulting hiring initiative, internships are being offered.

​Jason C., the Director of Operations for CLE Solutions, Inc., announced that the firm is opening a new office. “When you put in the work and aim for excellence, good things happen,” the Director stated. “We’ve been growing, and we’ve recently expanded into the Phoenix, Arizona area. It’s an exciting market with amazing opportunity for growth.” The expansion is a direct result of the increased demand for CLE Solutions, Inc.’s interactive promotions, and the group already has a number of campaigns ready to go.

Opening a new office brings the opportunity to onboard talented new marketers as well, which Jason sees as a huge perk. “We live in an incredibly fast-paced society, and it has become increasingly difficult for marketing companies to keep their fingers on the pulse of consumer demand. One extremely effective way of doing this, in my opinion, is to bring new team members on board. They have fresh perspectives and often an exposure to technologies that the existing CLE Solutions, Inc. team might not be aware of, keeping us on the cutting edge of our industry.”

"We will have four internships available this summer,"

Jason , Director of Operations

The Importance of Internship Opportunities to CLE Solutions, Inc.

It is this line of thinking that has encouraged Jason to develop an internship program for the firm, and to work closely with local colleges and universities. The CLE Solutions, Inc. office in Arizona is making this a priority, Jason stated. “We will have four internships available this summer,” he said, “which I know will be great opportunities for those college students lucky enough to be chosen.”

While these ambitious students will be providing unique perspectives and fresh insight to the CLE Solutions, Inc. team, they will be receiving a great deal from the firm in return. There are obvious benefits of an internship, like how good it looks on a résumé, but there are several other perks as well. It offers a chance to test out a career in a relatively consequence-free environment, for example, and learn about the cultures and behaviors associated with specific vocations. Jason also pointed out that an internship is the perfect way to begin developing a professional network, and even find one or two mentors.

“Needless to say, this is a very busy time for us at CLE Solutions, Inc.,” Jason acknowledged. “We’re having a great time though, and I am excited to see what the coming year holds. Phoenix is going to be a great fit for us, and I encourage any college student in that area to visit our website to find out more.”

About CLE Solutions, Inc.

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