CLE Solutions Recruiting and Hiring for Planned Growth

CLE Solutions’ Director of Operations and administrator discussed the latest advancements within the organization. They have plans to onboard more team members in anticipation of company expansion.

“CLE Solutions has already grown exponentially,” said Elyse C., the firm’s administrator. “We started with 10-15 people, and now we’re an office of 25-30. In addition, we started with one or two leaders, and now we maintain four or five of them. Our success is clear. It’s no surprise that we continue to expand.”

"Our associates receive a clear path to advancement."

Jason, Director of Operations

Elyse explained that the CLE Solutions team is opening new markets in Indiana and Alabama. She and Jason C., the company’s Director of Operations, are promoting their top performers to lead the way and establish the new offices. In the meantime, there will be entry-level positions in need of fresh talent. 

“Our associates receive a clear path to advancement,” said Jason. “Once they are hired, they enter a training program that teaches them about every aspect of the business. We leave no stone unturned, and even pair new team members with coaches who offer plenty of guidance and support. This way, we make sure everyone has what they need to excel. It’s the perfect culture in which to build a career.”

As associates work hard to acquire the necessary insights and abilities, they are promoted. Career progress is self-driven, and it’s pushed along by frequent travel, networking, and professional development opportunities. The greater the expertise, the greater CLE Solutions’ success.

CLE Solutions’ Director Shares Insights Into Company Expansion

Jason has indeed learned a great deal about business success while leading CLE Solutions to the top of the industry. “When you become an owner the best thing to do is to see your business through,” he indicated. “Do your research on the market you have in mind. Find out the best practices and helpful tips from other owners. Do not jump in without planning and expect your business to thrive.”

Along with adequate preparation, networking, and a positive mind-set, Jason cites intensive team member training as an essential business development tool. Such education has been shown to enhance morale and overall satisfaction, build greater efficiency and general performance, boost innovation, and more.

“We regularly hold trainings on a wide array of topics,” Jason concluded. “Our people stay sharp in areas like communication, customer service, technology, ethics, and strategic planning. The list is endless, really. Knowledge transfer in all its forms – from research to training – maximizes the potential of our company’s growth.”

About CLE Solutions:

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