CLE Solutions' Goal-Setting Strategy for Success in 2016

The leadership team at CLE Solutions established a number of objectives to capitalize on the achievements of 2015. The firm's Director discussed a strategy that makes the chances of attaining resolutions more attainable.

“Stability is not a good goal, either for individuals or companies,” stated the Director of Operations for CLE Solutions. “It’s only through improvement and innovation that people and businesses stay relevant and profitable in today’s competitive global economy.”

Goals are the tools with which the Director makes sure that CLE Solutions as an organization stays on track. Producing well-defined intentions is like creating a map, and working without those clear definitions is like trying to travel without one. What’s more, he doesn’t limit himself to setting the traditional operational targets at which many company leaders stop. “I believe in setting goals for anything that’s important, not just sales and revenue,” the Director shared. “This includes less tangible areas like productivity and leadership.”

"I believe in setting goals for anything that's important, not just sales and revenue,"

When determining goals for less-easily quantified facets like leadership and productivity, CLE Solutions’ Director focuses on encouraging the specific behaviors associated with success in these spheres. “Just to take a simple example, let’s say that a strong reading habit is a behavior the CLE Solutions team associates with leadership. We’d set a goal that, as an organization, we will have read three books on the topic of leadership and discussed them at the morning meeting by Q4 of 2016.”

Director of CLE Solutions on How to Make Resolutions That Stick

Traditionally, the beginning of a new year is also the time most people are concerned about setting goals for themselves as well as for their businesses. Statistically speaking, however, it’s a fact that most people don’t stay committed to their New Year’s resolutions. About 30 percent of individuals who make resolutions give up on them before January even comes to an end, and about half give up by the summer.

“It’s just as important to set goals for individual success as it is for organizational success, but sometimes it’s a bit harder to stick to those. You don’t have a whole team of people pulling together to work toward the same objective,” the Director stated.

In instances like this, CLE Solutions’ Director said the best thing to do might be to set a goal range, instead of one specific magic number toward which to shoot. “Take a topic related to productivity, like exercise. Almost everyone feels the need to exercise more than they should. Rather than saying to yourself, ‘I’m going to work out five days a week, all year,’ it might be best to say, ‘I’m going to work out between three and five days a week this year.’ That way, you succeed even if you can only manage three days for a while, and your success will encourage you to try harder.”

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