Citizen Bioscience Signals Great Leaps in Biological Discovery

Growing Field of Citizen Bioscience Has Major Implications for Many Fields

Citizen Bioscience

A new report from BCC Research, “Citizen Bioscience: The Next Frontier?” provides an in-depth overview of what citizen bioscience is, what’s happening now and where the field is headed.

Citizen bioscience, or DIY biology, refers to scientific work performed by the general public, and relies on the internet to define and disseminate the next big scientific breakthrough. A citizen science project can involve one person or millions of people collaborating to achieve a common goal.

Current active citizen bioscience projects include 23andMeFolditDrugsfromDirt and Stall Catchers.

Report Highlights

  • Geographic trends. North America is home to the highest number of biohacking/bioscience labs with 44. There are 31 in Europe and 17 across Asia-Pacific, South America and Oceania.
  • Drug development trends. More forms of medicine are being explored via citizen bioscience projects, with special attention to the integration of ancient with modern medicine.
  • Healthcare trends. Citizen bioscience is leading to the generation of significant amounts of data, which has implications for healthcare, as the usage of big data for the healthcare industry is expected to reach $68 billion by 2025.

“The opportunities for community and collaborative work are limitless in citizen bioscience,” said BCC Research analyst Smruti Munshi. “From biological Velcro to pattern identification to solving the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the speed of movement of research and the decision to let humans do what they do well and computers do what they do well has enhanced the process.”

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