CirrusWorks Governor™ Boosts Bandwidth at MakeOffices

Innovative Technology Increases Productivity for Coworking Members


​​​​​​​​​​Washington, D.C. – CirrusWorks™ ( a Virginia-based technology company, announced today its partnership with MakeOffices (, a national coworking leader. CirrusWorks™ will bring next generation internet performance to all MakeOffices members by integrating its traffic congestion solution, The Governor™, across all locations in D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia.

The Governor™, developed by CirrusWorks™, takes a novel approach to internet traffic congestion. Rather than static rate-limiting, prioritization or content filtering, CirrusWorks uses adaptive software to determine who gets how much bandwidth and when among competing users on a network, ensuring that no single user “hogs” the network at the expense of the entire population. “It’s like crowd control for busy WiFi,” said Ryan Macaulay, Chief Technology Officer at MakeOffices.

"In times of peak Internet usage, the Governor™ smoothed out internet traffic and improved performance and speed for our members."

Ryan Macaulay, Chief Technology Officer, MakeOffices

Through some very fast and effective mathematical algorithms, the device dynamically allocates bandwidth in microseconds based on the relative needs of the user population, boosting performance and quality for each device, especially during peak usage periods.

“We saw results immediately,” said Macaulay. “In times of peak Internet usage, the Governor™ smoothed out internet traffic and improved performance and speed for our members.”

MakeOffices caters to tech-savvy entrepreneurs who depend on seamless connections to the internet. Critical to the MakeOffices experience is the concept of “shared resources.” Beyond space, culture and ideas, shared technology has to be readily available to everyone for a coworking environment to reach its full potential. WiFi in a shared space can quickly become a tragedy of the commons, with the heaviest bandwidth users unwittingly squeezing out the rest of the population. CirrusWorks™ helps keep MakeOfficesinternet performing at top speed even at times of peak usage.

MakeOffices was seeking tools to manage the volatile, uncontrollable data streams common to its coworking spaces. “We needed technology that could keep up with the demand for bandwidth generated from competing apps and devices,” Macaulay said.

To boost Internet performance, The Governor™ allocates bandwidth among multiple, competing users in the most mathematically efficient way possible, dynamically adjusting to changing user requirements. Because it “learns and adapts” to each network, it installs in minutes and requires no ongoing configuration or management. Most importantly, it provides a noticeable improvement in productivity to the busy members of the MakeOffices community.

“When it comes to the internet, any sort of delay seems like an eternity,” continued Mr. Macaulay. “We needed smart, efficient tools to respond to unpredictable internet traffic while preserving a high quality of service for each and every member. These tools help MakeOffices be the most productive, creative and technically capable workspace available to entrepreneurs and growing businesses.”

About CirrusWorksCirrusWorks is the leader in dynamic bandwidth management. Its proprietary Governor product optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable Internet performance for all users all the time. CirrusWorks is enabling organizations to improve network performance and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades simply, efficiently and more effectively. For more information, please visit, or contact

About MakeOfficesMakeOffices creates productive, collaborative coworking communities where the workplace meets the sharing economy. We understand what it is like to be a startup with a tight budget, or a passionate entrepreneur leading a small business with no interest in committing to a multi-year lease in a traditional corporate environment. Home to amazing small businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovation-focused teams from Fortune 500s, our communities are designed for companies looking for simple workplace solutions to get serious work done. MakeOffices operates ten locations across Chicago, Philadelphia, and the Washington, DC metro area as of April 2016 with seven more under construction. For additional information, visit

Source: CirrusWorks Inc.


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