CirrusWorks Announces Results of Statewide Pilot Program Through Virginia Department of Education

Innovative Bandwidth Optimization Platform Improves Internet Performance in Highly Congested, Peak Volume WiFi Environments

CirrusWorks, Inc. announced today the results of its statewide pilot program through the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), testing their next-generation Internet performance platform called “The Governor™.”  The results of the pilot program were verified by participating school divisions, and can be found on the VDOE web site. 

The objective of the pilot program was to assess the impact of the CirrusWorks Governor™ device on the educational experience – specifically measuring the Governor’s™ effect on the performance of the school’s Wi-Fi infrastructure and bandwidth capacity during peak load periods.

"At CirrusWorks, our mission is to improve the online learning experience through better, smarter and faster Internet performance."

David Giannini, CEO, CirrusWorks

The technology, developed by CirrusWorks (a Virginia-based company), is radically different from traditional network management tools.  The lightweight appliance uses mathematical algorithms to optimize traffic during peak congestion periods, capturing maximum available capacity and ensuring fair and efficient bandwidth allocation among competing users on a school’s network.

“As schools leverage mobile devices and content-rich learning platforms, the explosion of data is putting a strain on Wi-Fi infrastructure and circuits, in many cases negatively impacting the online educational experience, even after adding more bandwidth,” CirrusWorks Chief Executive Officer David Giannini said.  “At CirrusWorks, our mission is to improve the online learning experience through better, smarter and faster Internet performance.”

The results of the pilot program became available to schools through a VDOE Superintendent’s Memorandum published in December, 2016. School divisions interested in learning more about the CirrusWorks Governor™ device may register for a free trial at, or contact Brandon Rasmussen, Director of Business Development, at The CirrusWorks Governor device is on VITA contract-VA-140401-Daly. 

About CirrusWorks – CirrusWorks is the leader in next-generation bandwidth optimization technologies. Its proprietary Governor™ product optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable Internet performance for all users all the time. CirrusWorks is enabling organizations to improve network performance and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades in a simple and efficient manner. For more information, visit

Source: CirrusWorks