Cimbria Consulting Partners With KETOS to Promote Smart Water Monitoring Solutions

Cimbria Consulting today announced their partnership with KETOS Inc., a predictive data analytics company specialized in water management, to accelerate KETOS' market and brand advancement. By using innovative IoT and data analytics, KETOS offers affordable intelligent monitoring technology needed to optimize water usage and water safety assurance in key irrigation, industrial, and municipal sectors. KETOS' goal is to help provide clean water to more than 2.5 billion of the world's population lacking this resource by empowering citizens, businesses, and governments with valuable water metrics.

The world is facing a lack of accurate water monitoring data to safeguard clean water supplies. Digital technology that provides real-time data on hazardous toxins, flow, pressure, leaks, level, usage, and volume is becoming a pivotal tool to help ensure resilient water resources.

"KETOS' real-time solutions for water security and infrastructure management serve a long overdue need to empower operators, industries, cities, and citizens everywhere with innovative technology," said Meena Sankaran, CEO of KETOS. "By partnering with Cimbria Consulting, we are collaborating with pragmatic water industry experts in an ecosystem that can help new technologies be adopted with higher visibility and awareness."

"It is an honor to partner with a Nasdaq-recognized 'milestone-maker' such as CEO Meena Sankaran and the KETOS Team," stated Noah Sabich, Partner and Senior Advisor at Cimbria Consulting. "The company's cloud-based water intelligence solutions are evidence that modern computing power can serve critical human needs, and Cimbria is excited to help expand the visibility of their vital work."

Water intelligence companies that generate reliable monitoring data and industrial efficiencies stand to benefit from evolving regulatory frameworks and widespread digital transformation initiatives. The U.S. is also the largest producer and consumer of smart water management solutions in the world, and specialized water consultancies can help capture greater market share for digital water solution providers.

About KETOS: KETOS provides actionable data to measure and manage water usage, consumption metrics, or pollution levels through cloud-based, water-tech solutions. KETOS intelligent interactive software provides predictive and actionable insights through data analytics to measure hazardous toxins and other water metrics as a foundation for water improvement. KETOS solutions provide data for an array of industries, farmers, commercial businesses, schools, and other private/public market applications in which water plays a critical role. The company is based in San Jose, California.

About Cimbria Consulting: Cimbria Consulting — an independently managed affiliate company of private equity firm Cimbria Capital — is a management, scientific, and technical consultancy based in Houston, Texas and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm offers pragmatic consulting services to capture economic value for enterprises in agribusiness, renewable energy, and water technology.

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