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Cell Phones Detrimental to Achieving Impressive Interviews

Sealing the Deal

CIC (College Interview Counselors / Career Interview Coaches) notes that Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows and The Glass Cage: Automation and Us, and frequent contributor to the WSJ and Wired, recently wrote an obvious, yet still alarming, report on the detrimental effects of cell phones on our cognitive abilities. He discusses the anxiety one feels when separated from our trusted cell phones, and our inabilities to exercise our brains when the touch of a finger on a mobile device can serve so much better. In addition, cell phones have jeopardized our skills to effectively verbally communicate. For a young texting society, locked in a mobile-centric existence, this epidemic is particularly apparent. So?

Almost all positions of employment, and admission to many institutions of higher learning, require at least one, if not multiple interviews in order to obtain the golden ring – a letter of admission or a job offer. And those meetings are all about successful verbal interactions and having an “Impressive Interview” – the ability to market oneself in a brief verbal exchange in which an individual “Communicates Potential.” Importantly, the interviewee must command the wherewithal to ensure that all interviews are conversations, not interrogations.

CIC – College Interview Counselors / Career Interview Coaches – focuses its one-on-one consulting, group workshops and book (College Interview Essentials) on educating young people on successful interview techniques. Using a proven methodology and preparatory system, CIC allows its clients to feel confident about how they will conduct themselves in upcoming interviews. CIC obviates dependence on cell phones and re-calibrates the interviewees’ focus on what needs to be communicated in the all-important interview.

From a parental standpoint, many well-meaning, supportive parents believe that if their offspring are more verbal than most, and can carry on conversations at the dinner table or in public arenas, that they are perfectly capable of acing all interviews. Au contraire! Interviewees must be trained on what to say and what not to say in an interview setting. Many of CIC’s clients know the difficult questions are coming, and turn to CIC to help them formulate the proper responses which turn “lemons into lemonade.” For those young people who are reticent, CIC empowers them to answer queries which will position them for the appropriate job or university setting.

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