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​​Global competition for college admissions and career advancement squeezes its pressured vice on forward thinking, aspirational young adults… and, more often than not, their families. For young adults, standardized tests are completed, appropriate colleges are sought out for individual pursuits, financial aide forms resolved, and applications are attacked and sent with the push of a button.  Done??  Hardly.  So too, job sites are scoured for opportunities, networking identifies potential posts, and fingers are crossed that a graduate will land the job of choice.  Really?

A one on one interview with admissions personnel is an invaluable element of the application.  Whether visiting a school for a tour, information session, introductory interview, meeting a college representative who is presenting at your school, or excelling at your “official “interview, you must be prepared to verbally present yourself well and differentiate yourself from the global pack. 

More often than not, an application for a position will reside in a “to do” pile at HR for months to come.  It is extremely important to get in front of an interviewer to make the case as to why you are the right person for the position.  But that possibility of an in person meeting is a feat unto itself. And, maximizing your potential once you are in that hot seat is key to your success.

CIC – College Interview Counselors / Career Interview Coaches sets the stage for these personal, verbal interactions.  For college applicants, the write up of the interview is included in the admissions file and is thereby reviewed along with all other elements in the selection process. In their recently published book, College Interview Essentials   

(Available on Amazon),  CIC outlines preparation for these all important face-to-face interview opportunities and profiles real life situations which befall a young texting society, unfamiliar with verbal communication.  CIC also offers personal consultations to prepare each individual candidate and enhance every application.

For young graduates who are seeking their entry into the working world, the interview is of utmost importance.  Once you are identified through your resume as a prospective co-worker, you must engage in a series of interviews – from phone, to group, to individual, to behavioral, to situational, and so on.  You cannot TEXT or TYPE your conversation in these situations.  You must communicate your strengths, why you are an asset to a particular group, your understanding of an industry, and how you will contribute to the overall goals of an organization.  CIC prepares candidates on how to maximize their potential during these significant sessions allowing companies to determine a symbiotic fit between culture and new hire.

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