Christos Furs & Leather Hosts Unforgettable Fall & Winter 2023 Show in Illinois

Local Designer Shows Off Sustainable/Upcycled Looks for Men and Women

Christos Furs & Leather is pleased to share the tremendous success of the Christos Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Show, a remarkable evening of luxury and creativity that unfolded on Thursday evening, Sept. 28, at The Empress in Addison, Illinois.

The Empress came alive with the essence of sophistication and style as Christos Furs & Leather showcased its latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection. From the first step on the runway, each piece told a story of craftsmanship, elegance, and sustainability — the core values of Christos Taltsidis' visionary brand. "We design with you and the environment in mind,” Christos Taltsidis states. “One of the most important missions I have is creating a sustainable environment for future generations," he added.

At the heart of the event was Christos Taltsidis' passionate commitment to sustainability. Guests were captivated by a night of innovative fur and leather fashion that not only fascinated the eyes but also emulated a powerful message about our responsibility towards the environment. The show embodied the spirit of change, urging everyone to rethink their plastic usage habits and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. 

At Christos Furs & Leather, the mission goes beyond fashion. Christos Taltsidis emphasizes the importance of creating a sustainable environment for future generations. In an era where microplastics have infiltrated our bodies and everyday items, the brand advocates for a shift in our plastic usage habits. "The time for change is now," says Taltsidis.

The runway was lit up with Taltsidis' mesmerizing creations — his pieces a testament to unparalleled creativity and sustainability. Guests had the opportunity to participate in a silent auction, walk the signature gold carpet, and have their photos taken by some of Chicago’s finest photographers. 

Founded in 2005 by the visionary fur and leather designer Christos Taltsidis, this Westchester, Illinois-based design house epitomizes years of craftsmanship with unparalleled originality. Christos Furs & Leather is not merely a brand but a captivating experience transcending fashion. 

For those who missed the event, stay tuned to Christos Furs & Leather's social media channels and website for upcoming shows. Taltsidis will be hosting more innovative shows as he continues to tour the top markets throughout the U.S.

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Source: Christos Furs & Leather