ChemDAQ Inc. Awarded Three-year Agreement with MAGNET

Steri-Trac(R) Monitoring System to become available to MAGNET Member Organizations

Pittsburgh, PA - ChemDAQ Inc. is pleased to announce a three-year Agreement with Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services, also known as "MAGNET," one of the largest non-profit cooperative group purchasing and shared services organizations in the country.

"ChemDAQ's Steri-Trac gas monitoring system provides MAGNET Member Organizations a safe work environment for medical device reprocessing department personnel. We are very pleased to have this three year agreement in place," said Steven R. Duke, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for MAGNET.

The three-year agreement provides to MAGNET Member Organizations a single toxic gas monitoring platform for detecting and reporting levels of Ethylene Oxide (ETO), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Ozone sterilant toxic gasses.

About ChemDAQ Inc.

ChemDAQ Inc., based in Pittsburgh,PA, is the industry leader in ambient air and emissions monitoring systems for low-temperature sterilization used in sterile processing centers and medical device manufacturers. Customers across the US and International locations rely on ChemDAQ to help ensure a safe work environment and for compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. To learn more about ChemDAQ Inc, please visit


MAGNET, founded in 1979 serves approximately 11,000 providers, including hospitals, alternate care facilities, physician practices and clinics with a contract portfolio that includes equipment, services, commodities and newly emerging area of niche/boutique (innovative and cost-reducing) products. MAGNET member organizations include: Connecticut Hospital Association Shared Services Program, Wallingford, CT; Hospital Central Services Cooperative, Allentown, PA; Joint Purchasing Corporation/Creative Source Concepts, New York, NY; MONOC/MOHCC, Neptune, NJ; Southwest Ohio Health Care Affiliates, Dayton, OH and PhyndUs, Newfoundland, PA. To learn more about MAGNET, please visit