Chelle Trucking & Logistics is Revolutionizing the Industry With Their Price Match Guarantee

Finding a game-changing third-party logistics company in the U.S. and Canada doesn't have to be a headache. Chelle Trucking & Logistics is answering the call with its fully digital platform and price match guarantee.

Chelle Trucking & Logistics is a subsidiary of Chelle Service Capital, a real property and technology company with offices in Mississauga, Ontario and Atlanta, Georgia. In exciting news, Chelle Trucking & Logistics has made waves in the supply chain and technology world with its announcement of its official launch, scheduled for Aug. 3, 2020. The company's mission is to provide freight management and logistics services at a fraction of the cost of larger brokerage companies who face higher overhead expenses. They stand behind this with their Price Match Guarantee. In addition, Chelle Trucking & Logistics also makes available a self-service digital platform that streamlines the freight delivery process and makes it remarkably more efficient. The enthusiasm surrounding the grand opening is high.

"Here at Chelle Trucking & Logistics, we are committed to optimizing your freight management process and providing industry-leading 24-hour customer service," commented Ronice Harrison, CEO and Founder. "Giving you access to the latest and most cutting-edge technology so you can focus on building your business with ease."

Experts and insiders agree the right approach to supply-chain technology is critical for business growth and competitiveness. The company's technology-first approach to logistics and supply-chain management meets or exceeds these needs while ensuring excellent customer service and reliable on-time delivery.

The company is happy to offer many industry-leading features such as real-time tracking capabilities on the mobile app or our online portal, 60 minute or less quotes, Price Match Guarantee, 90 Days to Pay, Contingent Cargo Insurance, and full customs management.

For more information on Chelle Trucking & Logistics, be sure to visit, email or give the team a call at 1-844-424-3553.

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