Chelle Trucking & Logistics is Allowing Drivers to Name Their Rate

For the first time, the driver is the one in control.

Name your rate

Breaking new ground, Chelle Trucking & Logistics recently announced they are allowing new drivers and owner-operators to the company to name their own rate and terms.

No one knows the cost of freight like a driver. By having the name your rate campaign, they are showing another level of transparency that makes Chelle Trucking & Logistics the best destination for drivers and clients alike. The freight industry is changing, and many companies are simply not willing to adapt to the times. That is why Chelle Trucking & Logistics is committed to making tomorrow's advancements today. 

"We have been trying to make things better for drivers in this challenging time," commented Rory DeSilva from Chelle Trucking & Logistics. "So we thought, why not let them set their own rate and terms? We can't think of another trucking or logistics company that is taking this kind of approach. It's a real win for drivers." 

Chelle Trucking & Logistics' services are backed by several factors that help set the company apart from its competition, such as their price match guarantee, complimentary real-time tracking, analytics, and fully digital and automated platform.

For more information, be sure to visit or give the team a call at 1-844-4-CHELLE

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