Check for Lead in Drinking Water Pipes and Fittings Using Oxford Instruments' X-MET8000 XRF Analyzers

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​Where lead contamination of drinking water is suspected, the Oxford Instruments X-MET8000 series of handheld​ X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers can be used to quickly check which components are causing the contamination.

Prevention of leaching of lead into drinking water

Lead can enter drinking water if the components in water installations (e.g. lead pipes, leaded-brass fixtures, lead solder) corrode. To prevent the leaching of lead into drinking water, many pipes in potable water supplies have been replaced by copper pipes. However, the use of leaded solder is still widespread, and some brass faucets and fittings may still contain lead. Due to the fabrication of lead-free fittings being more costly, components containing lead are still used for other water installations and in countries in which safety regulations are not yet in place.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a proven, non-destructive technique that enables the determination of the elemental composition of various materials, including metal alloys, in seconds. The X-MET8000 series of analyzers can be used for the rapid testing of metal plumbing components in existing and new water installations. The X-MET8000 can also be used for materials incoming inspection, manufacturing quality control, and to ensure the correct components are being selected in the warehouse prior to an installation or repair.

Small-spot collimator option for measuring solder

To measure solders accurately, the small-spot collimator option is available on the X-MET8000 Expert and Optimum models. It enables the user to isolate the solder from the pipe material, and the use of the optional built-in camera ensures correct positioning of the analyzer on the solder joint.

Fast, accurate, field portable analyzers

The X-MET8000 series of field portable analyzers are fitted with a large-area silicon drift detector (SDD) and high performance X-ray tube, delivering the exceptional speed and superior performance needed for the measurement of trace alloying elements. The X-MET8000 is manufactured with a rugged enclosure and its IP54 rating ensures durability and low cost of ownership making it ideal for use outside. Its large heat sink provides the most efficient heat dissipation ensuring stability and reliability, even in hot environments. Compact and lightweight at only 1.5kg including the battery, the X-MET8000 is fully portable for true on-site analysis.

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