Charterprime and Australian Global Merces Group Announce New Strategic Partnership

Charterprime with Global Merces Group

​Sydney, Australia, July 29, 2016 (Newswire) -​The management teams of Charterprime, an international brokerage firm, and Global Merces Group (GMG), an Australian-based group specializing in financial and investment product development, have just come together to announce a strategic partnership whereby Charterprime will take on the role of official exclusive brokerage through which all trading funds under Global Merces Group’s umbrella will be channeled.

These managed funds include Global Merces Absolute Returns Fund, which is an Australian Registered Managed Investment Scheme (ARSN Number 604 201 952) and accepts investment from Australian individuals, companies, trusts as well as superannuation / pension funds; and all other fund products developed by GMG. Superannuation in Australia refers to pension fund arrangements made by people in Australia to accumulate funds to provide them with income in retirement. Superannuation contributions by employers are mandatory under Australian law, and further investments are encouraged by the government and supported with tax benefits. The total amount of Australian superannuation stands at approximately 2.3 trillion Australian dollars (USD $1.75 trillion).

The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of GMG, Holly Grofski said in an interview, GMG holds an Australian Financial Service Licence (#460 883) and is an authorised Responsible Entity for investment funds and, as such, is subject to significant and regular scrutiny from Australia’s main investment regulatory body – the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to ensure full compliance with all legislation. Therefore, GMG is very particular in selecting its business partners, who need to meet strict regulatory and commercial expectations in terms of Straight Through Processing (STP), strong capital backing, risk management, liquidity and other stringent requirements. “Not only does Charterprime fulfill all requirements, they also go above and beyond to exceed our expectation in many ways. This is one of the main reasons we chose Charterprime as our strategic partner.”

Charterprime has been well established in the foreign exchange and CFDs market for some time, and meeting such stringent partner requirements is not something new for them. Managing Partner of Charterprime, Mathew Tate said in an interview, “Regardless of whether it’s now or the future, stability is the ultimate requirement for the company. The development of an organization can be likened to a marathon, those who start out fast do not necessarily make it to the end. We may not be the fastest-growing, but that’s because we believe in creating a firm base and setting up the right infrastructure to be the most specialized in our field, so as to offer our investors the best and secure forex investment service in the market.”

As a forex broker, Charterprime offers its client low trading costs, with the latest cutting-edge technological infrastructure and excellent customer support – which is the main reason Charterprime is so well known in the market. Mathew Tate stated, long before they put pen to paper to cement this partnership, Charterprime invested a lot of time and effort into establishing the proper infrastructure to support all their customers. As fund safety is one of the most important criteria when it comes to investing in foreign exchange, Charterprime has chosen to run their business in very highly regulated environments like Australia and New Zealand, so as to offer clients maximum peace of mind.

Charterprime and Global Merces Group chose Shanghai as the location of the partnership signing ceremony mainly because they see China as a market with boundless potential. Mathew also expressed his interest in the Chinese market. “It is a very exciting market, whereby we have seen an increased interest in foreign exchange, especially in current times where the return for traditional investments like fixed incomes and bond market is shrinking, people are shifting their attention and focus towards foreign exchange as a viable option for investments. The number of high net worth individuals are growing, and the classic returns from fixed income products, bond, stocks and property are no longer meeting their expectations.”

With that, the new strategic partners Charterprime and Global Merces Group now set their sights on further developing their scope of operations and expanding their client base globally.


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