"Chalked Up": Wearer Designs Shoe Surface According to His or Her Style

Chalked Up is a line of specially designed children's shoes featuring a chalk board surface that can be decorated with colorful chalk. The design intent of this unusual line of shoes  is to provide children, teens, and even adults, with a multifaceted new accessory that enhances their imagination and creativity while making a bold and personalized fashion statement.

The Chalked Up product line is comprised of a wide array of styles, from athletic sneakers to leather dress shoes and Mary Janes to cowboy boots. The sizes offered by the Chalked Up line is appropriate for children, teens and adults. The material comprising the shoes is a smooth leather made in plain black to serve as the optimal surface for chalk decoration. Each pair of Chalked Up shoes are packaged with a small packet of multicolored chalk; as an additional consideration, specially designed chalk just for this line is sold separately for when users need to replenish their chalk supplies. With the blank template of each shoe the wearer can carefully select pieces of chalk that enhances their desired design. This provides a creative outlet for expression and allows one to display in a casual new look unique in the world of fashion. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Chalked Up.
The Chalked Up product lineis Patent Pending and was invented by Alexis Reese of Moreno Valley, CA who said, “The Chalked Up product line is perfect for the young and the young at heart. It allows younger persons to display their likes (and dislikes) but can be changed easily by any wearer of Chalked Up regardless of his or her age. I have a prototype and everyone loves it and it works.”

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