"Chakras Crystal Waters": Users Obtain Healing Waters When Drinking From These Special Bottles

The Chakras Crystal Waters is a product line of glass water bottles which feature a variety of New Age mind-and-body healing and balancing elements – therapeutic crystals, energy symbols, and chakra stones – in the design and construction of a premium and unique, reusable bottle. Ideal for those who already appreciate the benefits of New Age spirituality – and for those who would like to experience better health and increased, balanced energy through positively enhanced, pure water, Chakras Crystal Waters should find an enthusiastic market reception among today's health-conscious consumers.

The Chakras Crystal Waters are produced in two sizes: one 60-oz and one 18-oz, both produced in shatterproof glass and/or in food-grade stainless steel. The large Chakras Crystal Waters are styled in the form of a carafe, decanter, or pitcher, for filling glasses while the smaller Chakras Crystal Waters are produced in a personal drinking bottle with a handle and adjustable carrying strap. Each of the two Chakras Crystal Waters bottles feature as their base, a chakra stone or healing crystal. These are salt-free, iron-free minerals, non-toxic and compatible with water, such as amethyst, citrine, quartz, rose quartz, rainbow obsidian, or lapis lazuli; and the chakra stones are engraved with a variety of symbols sacred to the various chakras. There are seven major chakras or spiral bands of energy, which occupy areas between the base of the spine and the crown of the head; and there are additional chakras located below the feet and above the head. These chakras are associated with specific crystals and symbols and are intended to provide energy and balance to their specific areas. The Chakras Crystal Waters bottles are engraved with a variety of age-old, sacred geometric symbols. The Reiki symbol for energy; the Eye of Horus symbol for wisdom, prosperity, and spiritual protection; the Spiral Sun symbol for the motion of the universe and healing power; the Dream Catcher for ensuring good dreams. An “expression pocket” or sleeve on the neck of the Chakras Crystal Waters bottles permit users to write and insert a slip of paper with a word or two precious to them – “wisdom,” “energy” or “patience.” The watertight, gasketed lids of the Chakras Crystal Waters bottles also feature embedded “crystal infusers” designed to act upon, purify, and energize the contained water. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest.
Chakras Crystal Waters is Patent Pending and was invented by Nattalia Genao of Flushing, NY who said, “These bottles are not only unique and stylish, but they also provide a drinking-water vessel that promises to enhance, energize and purify. New Age products come alive with this single product for daily and regular use. No one will understand until they try it and find Chakras Crystal Waters work.”

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