SPIRIBAM's limited edition John Dore 1 pot still rum, aged 19 years in an ex-Bourbon cask.

St. Lucia Distillers was formed in 1972 when the last two rum distilleries merged to preserve the rum-making heritage of the island. Laurie Barnard assumed responsibilities of St. Lucia Distillers and began installing components of his vision for St. Lucia rum, which included new fermentations, varieties of stills, and several unique barrels to blend a myriad of distillates and maturates. It wasn’t until 1999 when Laurie Barnard introduced Chairman’s Reserve Rum, that Saint Lucia finally had its ambassador to the global premium rum market and re-established Saint Lucia’s rum heritage.

On Cyber Monday, SPIRIBAM Fine Rum Specialists has launched the pre-sale of bottles harvested from one of the rare Chairman’s Reserve Master Selection barrels in the United States. From this unique barrel selected by SPIRIBAM, 168 bottles were released on SPIRIBAM's online store.

This rum was distilled from molasses on the John Dore 1 pot still in 2000 and has been tropically aged for 19 years in an ex-Bourbon cask. The proof is 53.1% and there are no additives. This extremely rare cask is one of the only ones of its kind in the world and roughly mimics the flavor profile of the original mai tai rum, Wray and Nephew 17 Yr, the holy grail of the rum world. The retail price will be $199.99, with a special offer price on Cyber Monday of $179.99 only through SPIRIBAM's online store.

Chairman's Reserve Master Selection by SPIRIBAM will debut in the United States on Dec. 2, 2019, next to Chairman's Reserve Original, Chairman's Reserve Spiced, Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask and Chairman’s Reserve 1931. Customers across the United States (with the exception of those from AL, IL, KY, MI, MS, NH, SD and UT) can order the product and have it conveniently shipped directly to their home. To order, simply visit and follow the "SHOP NOW" button.

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Spiribam’s mission to bring the finest Caribbean rum to American shores dates back to 2005 when Rhum Clément was first introduced in the United States. The role of the company quickly evolved into an educational one focused on the advancement of Rhum Agricole from Martinique, and soon Spiribam introduced Rhum J.M to further support their endeavors. The company’s mission evolved into being a cabinet for premium rums and seeking out a variety of styles of premium rum of different origins. Eventually St. Lucia Distillers joined the portfolio, beginning with the re-launch of Chairman's Reserve followed by the introduction of Bounty Rum and Admiral Rodney. Soon after, Spiribam acquired Mauritius brands Arcane and Beach House, which are not yet available in North America. In 2021, Spiribam added Joseph Cartron Liqueurs from Burgundy, France, to the portfolio. Visit Spiribam at and follow at @spiribam.

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