Chairman's Reserve Launches Its Biennial Global Mai Tai Challenge

Already recognized as one of the finest international cocktail competitions, Chairman’s Reserve Rum proudly announces that submissions are rolling in for the next edition of the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge. More than a cocktail contest, The Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge is a biennial event that encourages top bartenders from some of the world’s most elevated cocktail cities, to play with rums and express themselves with a cocktail that captures the true heritage of the Mai Tai, one of rum’s most iconic and misrepresented cocktails.

“Chairman’s Reserve embraces the adoption of the Mai Tai as a cocktail that really shows the brilliance of rum,” explains Benjamin Jones, managing director of Spiribam North America. “With more styles and brands of rum readily in distribution, the Mai Tai is a cocktail which invites those who are curious to experiment and create blends that highlight the signature ingredients that define a true Mai Tai.”

Registrations for the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge are made by visiting Judges will be looking for the best talent, the best use of Chairman’s Reserve in the drink’s craftsmanship, and a personal touch from the drink’s maker. A winning cocktail should have the potential to be considered a Mai Tai of iconic tropical cocktail status.

The regionals for the next edition are taking place in 2018 in 10 countries around the world: The United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Switzerland. The 2018 North American regional competitions will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

To enter, contestants must create a Mai Tai recipe using at least one Chairman’s Reserve rum as the primary ingredient. Chairman’s Reserve strongly encourages creativity and originality in all submissions. The judging panels will feature notable cocktail personalities from each city, and the North American judging panels will be led by tiki legend and rum expert Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. Dates for recipe submission deadlines and regional competitions in North America are as follows:

Fort Lauderdale, FL Deadline for submissions, September 24 Finalists announced October 1st Regional Competition, October 30

Toronto, Canada Deadline for submissions, October 8 Finalists announced October 15th Regional Competition November 12

Los Angeles, CA Deadline for submissions, November 5 Finalists announced November 12 Regional Competition, December 10

The winner of each regional competition will be flown to Saint Lucia, in March of 2019, to represent their city in the global final of the Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge. The international bartenders will pair up with local Saint Lucian bartenders, and together they will visit St. Lucia Distiller’s and learn the mastery of rum making and blending behind Chairman’s Reserve. Subsequent days will be filled with fun in the sun with some educational excursions planned to discover Saint Lucia’s rum heritage, as well as a tropical cocktail workshop, is planned with Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. The entire experience culminates with a cocktail competition utilizing locally sourced ingredients and Chairman’s Reserve.

There is no better rum event than The Chairman’s Reserve Mai Tai Challenge. The champion will have mastered Saint Lucian rum and making cocktails with local tropical ingredients, enhanced their talents, made great friends, and had a lot of fun doing it. Who will it be?

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Chairman’s Reserve Rum is Saint Lucia’s ultra-premium rum brand and put Saint Lucia on the rum map. A blend of column and pot distilled aged rums deliver rich chocolate, dried fruits, pecan and brown spice characters to the body of the rum. The rums are blended and re-casked in ex-Bourbon barrels, which offers a slightly dry, smoky finish.

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Benjamin Jones

SPIRIBAM; North American Managing Director

Source: Chairman's Reserve


Spiribam’s mission to bring the finest Caribbean rum to American shores dates back to 2005 when Rhum Clément was first introduced in the United States. The role of the company quickly evolved into an educational one focused on the advancement of Rhum Agricole from Martinique, and soon Spiribam introduced Rhum J.M to further support their endeavors. The company’s mission evolved into being a cabinet for premium rums and seeking out a variety of styles of premium rum of different origins. Eventually St. Lucia Distillers joined the portfolio, beginning with the re-launch of Chairman's Reserve followed by the introduction of Bounty Rum and Admiral Rodney. Soon after, Spiribam acquired Mauritius brands Arcane and Beach House, which are not yet available in North America. In 2021, Spiribam added Joseph Cartron Liqueurs from Burgundy, France, to the portfolio. Visit Spiribam at and follow at @spiribam.

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