"Chafing Dish Screen": Keeps Chafing Dishes Secure and Protected

​A chafing dish is used by caterers, restauranteurs, and other professionals in the food service to keep food warm warm while being used. The Chafing Dish Screen will prevent the dish's sterno fuel from being extinguished by the wind, while also regulating the temperature of the food within the chafing dish. It is a protective, screen like enclosure to be used around the chafing dish. The Chafing Dish Screen could be manufactured of a metal mesh, aluminum, or comparable, flame resistant material and comprised of four, rectangular panels that are hinge connected to one another and configured to be wrapped around the base of the chafing dish.

The Chafing Dish Screen will be offered in a size appropriate for standard, buffet-style chafing dishes. Smaller, larger, as well as circular shaped versions could also be made available. The sides of the screen will be hinge connected to one another, with either end of the device open, enabling the user to wrap the unit around the base of the chafing dish. Heat resistant clip fasteners will secure the Chafing Dish Screen closed around the chafing dish itself. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Chafing Dish Screen.
The Patent Pending Chafing Dish Screen was invented by Peter Valaoras of Highland Park, NJ who said, “This Chafing Dish Screen will be visually appealing and offered in a variety of metal finished, as well as adorned with decorative patterns and designs. The simple design will make it invaluable for both professional and general household use.”

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