CFSC Supports Local Communities Impacted by COVID-19 Crisis by Reducing Rates for Cashing Stimulus Checks

CFSC's reduced rates on cashing stimulus checks is helping to put more money back in the hands of individuals and their families, keeping cash flowing in the communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CFSC Open to Help Customers

​​​​​​​​​Community Financial Service Centers (CFSC) is reducing their rates to cash stimulus checks in order to help support customers in the communities most impacted by the financial disruptions caused by COVID-19. CFSC provides a wide array of essential financial services to local communities including check cashing, paying phone or utility bills, money orders, and sending money in an effort to do its part to help support residents in local neighborhoods during this challenging time.

“Even though large parts of the economy are on pause right now, individuals still need to buy groceries, pay their bills, and meet personal financial obligations timely,” says Gina M. Palumbo, Director of Marketing at CFSC. “We’re committed to keeping our doors safely open during this critical time to support our local communities with their daily financial needs when and how they need us most.”

In its continued effort to treat customers like family, CFSC is doing its part to ensure the safety of customers who enter any one of their stores throughout the nation. CFSC maintains stringent cleaning standards and observes social distancing measures outlined by the CDC and local authorities, creating a safe, comfortable environment that CFSC has provided to its customers for decades. The majority of CFSC locations have Spanish-speaking tellers to further personalize their customers’ experiences. 

For those receiving government checks or debit cards, CFSC offers a convenient and affordable service to cash or unload those payments for customers, even without a bank account. There is no waiting for funds to clear as with an ordinary bank. And to support their customers, CFSC is extending a deep discount to cash Stimulus checks at all of their locations nationwide. For the customer's protection to verify the payee when cashing a government or payroll check, customers will need a valid government-issued, photo ID, such as a Driver’s License, Passport, Official Foreign Country Photo ID, Official State Photo ID, Student Photo ID, or Work Photo ID, along with proof of the payee of the check, such as social security number, date of birth and/or home address.

Beyond check cashing, CFSC helps customers with electronic bill pay services, particularly now with many city utility and phone service locations being closed or with minimal staff, customers can pay their bills electronically at CFSC locations. Other services include money transfers whether locally or around the world, plus ATM services, money orders, foreign currency exchange, and custom local services such as MetroCard purchases in NY locations and Automobile Registration Services in Chicago locations.

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About CFSC

Community Financial Service Centers, is a third-generation, family-owned business. We pride ourselves on being a vital part of our communities, and with 200+/- locations nationwide, we have neighborhood families all over the United States. Our focus is providing financial services tailored to each unique location and their community’s needs so that our customers find the services they need and the relationship they trust.

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Gina M. Palumbo
Director of Marketing

Source: Community Financial Service Centers