Cash a Tax Refund Check Without a Bank Account at a Neighborhood CFSC

CFCS cashes checks made out to the customer or to their business, enabling them to leave with cash in hand. Whether it is a tax refund or pay check or benefits check, knowing how hard people work for their money, CFSC provides well-needed financial services for the communities they service.

CFSC, Community Financial Service Centers, makes cashing tax refund and payroll checks easy and simple. Some people believe that without a bank account they can’t cash a tax refund check. That’s simply not the case at any of CFSC's more than 200 branch locations nationwide including 85 locations right in the New York/New Jersey metro area. All of the branches have convenient hours with many open late, on weekends, and some 24 hours.

Whether a customer receives a state or federal check or a debit card with their tax refund, CFSC is happy to cash it in minutes for a small, state-regulated fee. Customers are required to have a valid photo ID, and CFSC will verify the refund and provide the cash while they wait. “We aim to make the process of cashing a check simple and effective for everyone,” said Gina M. Palumbo, Director of Marketing at CFSC. “There is no waiting for the funds to clear, no hidden fees, no monthly charges. Our customers work hard all year and they deserve to have their tax refund as soon as they receive their check or debit card.”

Customers not only cash checks at CFSC. They often use other services and benefit from doing it all conveniently in one place. Customers can send money securely to loved ones via Western Union, load a prepaid debit card for safe handling of their cash, pay bills electronically to assure on-time payments, and many convenient services including ATM, Lottery, Metro Card purchases, and Foreign Currency Exchange.

CFSC is a neighborhood third-generation, family-owned business where their customers are family, too. Their tellers, known as Customer Service Representatives, look forward to working with customers and helping them with their daily financial needs. There is a positive rapport that comes naturally in CFSC branches and many customers ask for their favorite teller by name. CFSC prides itself on their customer experience and perhaps that is why they are a leader in their industry. For more information and to find convenient branch locations and open hours, visit

About CFSC

CFSC, Community Financial Service Centers, provides financial services tailored to each of their 200 unique locations so that customers receive the services they need most, including check cashing, money orders, bill pay services, and more. For information, visit

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