CFC Single Embryo Transfer Policy Brings Multiple Pregnancy Rate Lower Than National Standard

Canadian Fertility Consulting made the decision a year and a half ago to lead the charge within the fertility industry and institute the SET (single embryo transfer) policy for all clients using eggs from a woman under 35 years of age. This policy change was part of a movement CFC is developing to ensure the protection of its Surrogates and Children born through Surrogacy.

According to the CDC, SET helps women avoid several risks to their own health that are associated with carrying multiples. It also helps families achieve success while preventing some risks known to be associated with giving birth to twins, or what is called “high order multiple births” (three or more children born at the same time). Infants born in multiple births are more often born early, are smaller (low birth weight) and experience more adverse health outcomes than singleton infants. There is consensus among experts that the desired outcome of ART is a healthy singleton infant. The Government of Canada has long recommended using the SET protocol to increase the chances of a healthy full-term pregnancy; however, the industry has been slow to adopt these recommendations. Canadian Fertility Consultants was the first major Canadian company to make the SET protocol mandatory and has always been committed to setting the gold standard in surrogacy practices in Canada.

CEO Leia Swanberg knew that they may initially lose clients because of this major change in policy; however, the company has remained committed to ensuring the healthiest possible outcomes for her surrogates. Over the last year and a half, the company has seen amazing results, and its surrogates and intended parents have benefited from the SET protocol.

But the most surprising result of the policy change has been the statistic of multiple pregnancies for Canadian Fertility Consulting surrogates. “A significant reduction in the multiple pregnancy rate has been achieved since the multiple pregnancy rate in Canada from was 32 percent in 2009. We are proud to state that in 2016 the multiple pregnancy rate in Canada was 9.7 percent, the lowest ever achieved with IVF treatment in Canada, while still maintaining a high clinical pregnancy rate,” said Dr Albert Yuzpe, Chair of the IVF Medical Directors Group and Past President of CFAS.

But Canadian Fertility Consulting is able to report a statistic today that is a direct result of their Single Embryo Transfer policy, and commitment to women's health. 2.1 percent of Canadian Fertility Consulting surrogates are currently pregnant with multiple pregnancies. This is substantially lower than the national standard.

The intention is to protect all parties involved by committing to the safest outcomes possible. The company will stand behind its policy by offering a Discounted Second journey agency fee and will encourage other industry professionals, such as lawyers and Fertility clinics, to do the same for those who are pursuing two journeys simultaneously.

CFC hopes that fertility clinics and other industry professionals will adopt SET policies of their own, especially seeing the positive impact this change has in multiple pregnancy rates.

The Surrogates in the company's program are such amazing women and deserve to be honored and respected, and this is one way that can be done. The company is always committed to providing its Surrogates with the best medical care, and their safety is always the prime concern.

Source: Canadian Fertility Consulting


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