Cestusline Awarded ISHN Readers' Choice Award for Thermal Hand Protection

Cestusline's WeldTech TX was voted the best in Thermal Hand Protection during the 2015 ISHN Reader's Choice Awards.

Cestusline, Inc., the proud supplier of industrial performance gloves, was awarded the ISHN 2015 Readers’ Choice Award in Thermal Hand Protection for the multi-functional WeldTech TX welding glove May 12, 2015. 

The voting for the ISHN 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards took place between March 1 - May 1 and featured products for safety categories from high-visibility apparel, to hand protection.

"The WeldTech TX was designed to function as hand protection that protects from the hazards of welding, while also being able to take on alternative tasks welders are doing in addition to welding. It is a versatile glove, with a lot of potential."

Elli Choi, President & CEO

The WeldTech TX was awarded the Thermal Hand Protection award after readers voted it the best in the category. Constructed out of top-grain cowhide leather, the WeldTech TX is a protective welding glove that was engineered to be multi-functional for utilization across job duties. WeldTech TX comes with back-hand Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) impact shields for protection against impact injuries, and contains vibration-dampening Hexagonal Memory Gel® on the palm. 

While designing the WeldTech TX, we found that welders are often taking on multiple tasks outside of welding. Switching job duties on a regular basis often requires changing gloves to accommodate different tasks. The WeldTechTX is a versatile glove that can not only provide protection against various hazards, but also has the functionality to take on multiple job duties. 

The WeldTech TX is the glove solution for welders that are doing much more than welding. Through an ergonomic design that matches the natural contour of the hand, WeldTech TX works with the hand so hand fatigue is reduced during the course of the work day. Protective materials, like top-grain cowhide and back-hand Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), the WeldTech TX protects from sparks, flames, burns, and impacts. Palmar anti-vibration Hexagonal Memory Gel® pods dampen vibrations from power and impact tools that can cause Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) and Carpal Tunnel.

For more information about the WeldTech TX visit our website at www.cestusline.com, email us at jennifer@cestusline.com, or request a trial through our Proving Grounds program.


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