Cerambot Launches Eazao - Their 2nd Generation Ceramic 3D Printer with Upgraded Performance & New Features

Following up on the huge success of their first ceramic 3D printer, industry leaders Cerambot just announced the launch of their next generation device - Cerambot Eazao that features upgraded features a new Cartesian design and the ability to glaze finished prints in a home microwave. Now, 3D printing makers, professionals and hobbyists have performance and affordability for ceramic 3D printing. Cerambot Eazao is available now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cerambot/build-digital-ceramic-and-microwave-it-in-your-own-place 

Two years ago, the team at Cerambot launched an ambitious new project that promised professional quality ceramic 3D printing that was affordable and easy enough for anyone to use. The Cerambot 3D printer was a huge success on Kickstarter, eventually becoming the most-funded ceramic 3D printer ever launched. Now, Cerambot is back with Eazao, an upgraded design that takes 3D ceramic printing to the next level.

"Our first generation ceramic 3D printer was a huge success and earned us many fans around the world. In fact, that community of users was key in helping to guide us on our next generation design. We took all the feedback we received and worked hard to improve nearly every aspect of our new printer. Cerambot Eazao is the culmination of our efforts and it makes the ceramic 3D printing experience better than ever with a more rigid Cartesian structure, faster print speeds, and a more intuitive user-friendly design. Now anyone can get creative and start printing ceramics fast." - Cerambot CEO Jony Liu.

Cerambot Eazao has been upgraded with multiple features that make professional quality 3D printing easier than ever. Its Cartesian structure system is more rigid along its axes than typical Delta system printers. This rigid system means less printing errors and a better surface finish with finer details. The new printer is also faster than the previous generation with a maximum print speed of 40mm/s so users spend more time creating and less time waiting. Eazao also has a convenient power-loss recovery system that resumes printing after a power outage.

Most interesting is the specially made, color glazes that are designed to work in a home microwave. This new method eliminates the need for expensive kilns and speeds completion time to just 35 minutes, making it great for home and family use. This revolutionary new printer is more powerful, accurate, and intuitive than the first generation and includes home-friendly features. It's the perfect, affordable entry to the world of ceramic 3D printing for everyone.  

Cerambot Eazao - Next Generation Ceramic 3D Printer is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cerambot/build-digital-ceramic-and-microwave-it-in-your-own-place

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Source: Cerambot