Cerambot Launches Eazao Matrix — The Ultimate Multi-Materials 3D Printer for Big Prints

Ceramic 3D-printer innovators Cerambot just announced the launch of a revolutionary new multi-materials 3D printer that is capable of large-format prints up to 28 inches in height. Featuring a patented air chamber extruder and multi-material versatility, Matrix is a next-generation 3D printer for pottery, creative construction and education. Now, 3D-printing makers, professionals and hobbyists have high performance and maximum option when it comes to 3D printing. Matrix is available now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cerambot/matrix-the-ultimate-materials-3dprinter-let-your-print-big.

Matrix is smart, fast, large-format and more powerful than previous devices and provides 0.1 mm precision. Matrix is designed to provide makers with productivity tools for prototyping a wide range of ceramic models and prototypes. Its multi-material design means that it has incredible versatility to print with a wide range of viscous fluid materials including paper pulp made of waste paper, recycled eggshells, shells ground into shell powder, and plant fibers extracted from food waste, along with research material such as alumina, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, and sodium silicate. Designed for large-format prints, Matrix is capable of producing larger ceramic models with a maximum printing area of 500 x 500 x 700mm.

Matrix stands out from the competition by addressing a common frustrating issue with ceramic printers: the fact that typical ceramic 3D-printing requires filling the clay into the material tube before printing but during the filling process, there can be air bubbles trapped in the tube, which typically results in incomplete extrusion and a failed print. To solve this frustrating problem, Matrix was designed with a new exclusive printing extruder that totally eliminates this issue. This next-gen ceramic extruder has an air chamber to remove air from the material tube before it is filled.  

"Ceramic 3D printing is one of the most exciting new developments in prototyping and creative arts. But users often struggle with air bubbles trapped in the material that can ruin prints. By listening and working with our worldwide loyal users, we identified this troubling issue and designed a new more advanced extruder to eliminate this problem. We call this new component the Air Chamber Extruder — ACE for short. With the Matrix ACE, air bubbles are absorbed by the Air Chamber as they enter the extruder, completely solving the problem of ruined models caused by air ejecting from the extruder nozzle, greatly improving the success rate of the print," said Cerambot CEO Jony Liu.

Cerambot Matrix Multi-Materials 3D Printer is the ultimate creative tool for anyone to realize their imagination with stunning large-scale prints. With user-friendly features, Matrix is an affordable and capable 3D printer for beginners and experts alike. The Matrix series includes three models: M500, M600, and M700, which can produce larger ceramic models and the M700 offering the maximum printing area of 500 x 500 x 700mm. It is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cerambot/matrix-the-ultimate-materials-3dprinter-let-your-print-big

Source: Cerambot