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New website offers wealth of information for landowner looking to increase their cell tower lease rates.

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Tower Leases, the industry leader in cell tower lease negotiation, announces the launch of a new website.  Towerleases.com has been designed to offer users the information they need in an easy-to-navigate format. Those interested in learning more about cellular tower lease rates will find in-depth information and can arrange for a free consultation to have some of their questions answered by the leading cell tower lease industry expert. 

“We want to ensure that those looking for cell tower lease information can easily find the answers to their questions,” explains David Espinosa, President of TowerLeases.com. “We have the information they need to negotiate a fair rate and want to help them every step of the way. We have made the site more user-friendly and believe it will be helpful to landowners who have questions and concerns.”

The completely revamped website will increase engagement with the new layout. The website includes information for current leaseholders, landowners, municipalities, and more. There is additional information regarding cell tower types, cell tower companies, wireless companies, and new technology. There is an especially helpful frequently asked questions section, where readers will find answers to some of the most commonly asked cell tower lease questions, including:

  • How to negotiate my cell tower lease buyout?
  • How much is the tower company making off my cell tower lease buyout?
  • How do I get the best deal on my Crown Castle tower lease?
  • How long should my cell tower lease be for?
  • What are the rates for a new cell tower lease?
  • How do I negotiate a cell tower lease?

The information on the new website is crucial for anyone who is considering a cell tower lease, negotiating a cell tower lease, or who is considering a buyout.  Without this information or working with a cell tower expert, there is a good chance that landowners will not get a fair deal. Espinosa has helped countless landowners and municipalities to get fair cell tower agreements. Through his expertise, he is able to help people negotiate better rates and terms.

“Without someone like me on your side, they will take advantage of you,” added Espinosa. “The only way to get a fair cell tower lease is to work with an expert. That way you have someone on your side. Without that, the lease will all be in their best interest, not yours. It pays to have someone in your corner who knows the industry and how to negotiate for better rates and terms.”

As the leader in cell tower negotiation, Tower Leases is well versed in all areas of the industry, including the going rates, the variables that need to be taken into consideration when negotiating a contract, and how to leverage the best possible terms. Espinosa offers a free 30-minute telephone consultation to help landowners determine if they are getting a fair deal or if they could do better.

Having recently celebrated their 14th anniversary, Tower Leases also recently expanded their services into South America. Their expertise in the field has made them the go-to source for both public and private landowners, as well as for government bodies in need of a cell tower leasing expert. Those interested in exploring their new website or arranging a free 30-minute lease consultation should visit their site at TowerLeases.com or call (866) 746-8907.

About TowerLeases.com

Located in the Atlanta area, TowerLeases.com serves the entire country with cell tower lease consultation and negotiation services. Their mission is to help protect those leasing their land for cellphone towers. They offer a free consultation to see if their services would be a good fit for those already leasing their land for a cell tower and those considering doing so. Their services are available in Brazil, and have now expanded to South America. For more information on the company, visit their site at www.TowerLeases.com. For a free 30-minute consultation regarding cellphone tower leasing, call (866) 746-8907.


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